Our concept: media as desired

The state-funded publishing house, awarded Publisher of the Year, offers readers a unique book concept with which they can get the knowledge they want at a particularly affordable price and also help protect the environment.

Unique concept, awarded and state-funded

We publish numerous books in the areas of work & careers, human resources, finance and life support and follow one unique on-demand concept, which is also used in our magazines and eCourses.

Each of our books offers you compact knowledge with a quick overview of the topic as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice. It helps you to make decisions step by step, to achieve success and also contains numerous overviews and checklists for easier readability.

The publishing house was recognized as Publisher of the Year with the Global Business Award from Corporate Vision magazine and was state-funded by the Minister of State for Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is also repeatedly in the Trade press received.

The special thing about this concept is that you can register here our page Compile your content and information in a book according to your wishes. In this way, we enable you to acquire knowledge in a very targeted manner. In addition, readers can use our interactive AI solutions such as AI consultant or use eTutor for free and receive vouchers for discounted success experiences.

So that we can offer you these diverse options as cheaply as possible and at the same time Support climate protection the work of renowned specialists goes hand in hand with us Use of artificial intelligence, which we use for quality assurance, data analysis and optimization of our publications as well as for sales. We also donate at least 5 percent of the sales proceeds of our books to non-profit organizations that, for example, support afforestation projects and climate protection. We will be happy to provide you with further information upon request.

8 advantages: The idea of ​​AI Extended Books and how you can use them specifically

What are AI Extended Books? AI Extended Books are digital books enhanced with AI technologies to provide readers with an interactive and personalized reading experience. They go beyond the static nature of traditional books and offer features such as multimedia content, interactive exercises, automatic translations, voice output as well as the opportunity to ask individual questions and receive advice. By using AI, these books can also analyze readers' learning behavior and provide personalized recommendations and feedback.

Because in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is penetrating more and more areas of our lives, the concept of AI Extended Books has the potential to revolutionize the way we read and learn books. AI Extended Books are an innovative development that combines traditional books with interactive features and personalized learning experiences. With their interactive features, personalized learning experiences and the ability to continually expand knowledge, they offer a variety of benefits for readers.

  1. Interactivity: AI Extended Books enable readers to actively participate in the learning process. Through interactive exercises, quizzes and simulations, they can deepen their knowledge and improve their understanding.
  2. Personalization: Thanks to AI, AI Extended Books can provide learners with personalized content and recommendations based on their individual needs and learning styles. This enables a tailored learning experience that promotes progress and motivation.
  3. Accessibility: AI Extended Books can support people with different learning needs. With features such as voice output, automatic translations and font size adjustment, they can also make books easier to access for people with visual or hearing impairments.
  4. Topicality: Unlike printed books, AI Extended Books can be easily updated and expanded. New information and insights can be added quickly to provide readers with up-to-date content.
  5. Commitment and motivation: The interactive features of AI Extended Books can increase reader engagement and motivation. The opportunity to actively participate in the learning process and receive immediate feedback makes reading and learning a fun and rewarding experience.
  6. Individualized learning: AI Extended Books allow learners to learn at their own pace and focus on their individual needs. The personalized recommendations and feedback help them leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses.
  7. Expansion of knowledge: By integrating multimedia content such as videos, graphics, and interactive diagrams, AI Extended Books can make it easier to understand complex concepts and expand readers' knowledge.
  8. Collaboration and networking: AI Extended Books can also promote collaboration and networking between readers. By integrating social features, they can allow readers to share, ask questions, and learn together.

Be inspired: As a customer, reader or member you will receive Discount Benefits up to 50% books, eCourses & experiences of success and Free offers. Depending on type of membership For example, you will receive free books & eCourses, regular information Special offers in the newsletter or can read texts ad-free. Do you think ...? Find Here are the opinions of previous customers.

This is what our books offer you

You get through this unique publishing concept valuable resources that will increase your knowledge, stimulate your creativity and make your personal and professional goals achievable. This allows you to discover new ways, expand your thinking and improve your skills to experience success.

You will receive concrete advice, proven methods and strategies to overcome challenges and overcome obstacles. By providing concrete action steps and practical guidance, you'll learn how to define your goals and develop plans to move forward step by step.

Not only do the specialist texts from renowned experts contribute to this, but also numerous inspirations from successful managers, entrepreneurs and other exciting personalities. Their stories and experiences serve as living examples of how challenges can be overcome and goals achieved. Through their inspiring stories, you'll gain insights into proven strategies and practices that you can apply to your own situations.

Different, possibly contradictory aspects of the topic are deliberately addressed. This allows you to optimally illuminate, reflect on and weigh up the various pros and cons aspects. This ultimately allows you to gain different perspectives and improve your own level of knowledge in order to develop a deeper understanding of complex topics and to find targeted, innovative solutions.

The clear structure and our special, very detailed table of contents will help you to find the information you require quickly and as required and to implement it directly in practice.

Information as desired with member discounts, eCourses, workbooks and individual eBooks

Under the motto Information as desired We will also provide you with exactly the information you were looking for. For example, the book also includes an eCourse with a worksheet to work through, which you as a reader can use in our academy https://berufebilder.de/akademie/ received free of charge. You'll find out how to do this in the book's conclusion.

Our academy offers you the opportunity to continually expand your knowledge and skills and exchange ideas with like-minded people. By participating in our onlineCourses and interacting with experts and other learners, you can achieve your professional goals and advance your personal success. We believe that inspiring experiences and continuous learning are the key to long-term success. We therefore invite you to explore our academy and benefit from the diverse learning opportunities.

In addition, the Success Planner Workbook is the ideal complement to the guide books. This workbook will help you successfully implement the inspiration and tips in our books, step by step and day by day - regardless of whether it is about career goals, decision management or financial planning. You can print out the success planner yourself or order it as a hardback book. There is one for every workbook eBook free addition.

You want an individual eBook or eCourse on a specific topic? You can also find that on our publisher-website under https://berufebilder.de/verlag/ find: We will provide your personal one upon request eBook on a topic of your choice. In the academy of Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® you will also find eMail-Courses with individual tasks, personal support and certificate.

As a book reader, you not only have the advantage of gaining information and new insights, but there are also financial benefits that come with purchasing our books. As Newsletter Subscriber or registered member you will also receive a 50 percent discount on all eCourses and 20 percent on all other books as a member edition. The books can be found below https://berufebilder.de/verlag/. The coupon code will be sent weekly Newsletter sent. There is also premium membership, a paid flat rate for one year that includes all learning materials, downloads and premium articles.

Successfully use the AI ​​extension to the book for your goals and to earn money

For anyone looking for further, individual advice and services, our concept of AI Extended Books offers the potential to analyze information, gain valuable insights and thus show ways to achieve your individual goals. By using AI in your work or personal life, you can gain many benefits and work much more efficiently.

The AI ​​solutions give you new opportunities to explore your horizons in innovative ways. And best of all: this service is free for you as a book buyer. In the appendix of the book you will find a detailed explanation and numerous application examples that will make it easier for you to use AI successfully.

Our interactive, AI-powered advisor therefore helps you with all questions about success, career and personal development. Our AI eTutor supports the learning experiences from our academy with individual exercises. And the interactive one Travel planner helps you plan individual success experiences.

One of the greatest strengths of AI is its ability to process large amounts of data and recognize patterns. By using machine learning algorithms, AI can learn from this data and make predictions. This allows you to make informed decisions, optimize your strategies and solve even complex problems. Whether it's about your personal career management, optimizing communication processes or improving work efficiency - AI can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

With the publisher’s AI tools Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® you can even earn money. This works through a so-called affiliate program, a marketing strategy in which companies work with so-called affiliates to promote and sell products or services. Affiliates are people or companies that act as partners and receive a commission for every sale or action they generate. To participate in our affiliate program, please register for our partner program.

Experience success, experience inspiration first hand: discover your path and promote sustainability at the same time

But that's not all! We want to offer you a very special opportunity that will make your journey to personal growth and success even more unforgettable. Because we know that it's not just about reading, but also about experiencing and applying what you've learned. That's why we would like to offer you exclusive vouchers for suitable trips and other items that perfectly match your chosen guide. To achieve this, we work with numerous network partners in accordance with our compliance guidelines.

So imagine how you can put the inspiring wisdom and motivating suggestions in your book into action while creating unforgettable memories. Whether it's a relaxing break at a wellness resort, an adventurous trip into nature or a workshop that develops your skills - with our specially selected vouchers you can put what you've learned straight into practice and enjoy unforgettable experiences at the same time.

Let our guides inspire you and discover the opportunities available to you. Because we believe that true change doesn't just happen in the head, but also in the heart and in action. So get ready to take your life to a new level with individual success experiences and make your dreams come true. By the way, 5 percent of your spending goes to non-profit organizations that support, for example, afforestation projects and climate protection.

So you see: From cost savings to access to knowledge and education to the opportunity to experience and experience success yourself to inspiration for entrepreneurial activities and the opportunity to earn money with our publishing house - reading our books can help you provide financial benefits in a variety of ways.