Our concept: media as desired

We offer our readers a unique book concept with which they get knowledge according to your wishes at a particularly low price and also help protect the environment.

  • Use the power of desires {+ add-on as desired}
  • Secure! How to keep the job {+ add-on as desired}
  • Unfolding instead of lifting - new ways to success {+ add-on as desired}
  • Win the Rat Race {+ add-on of your choice}

We create tailor-made books, eCourses and magazines

We publish numerous books in the areas of work & careers, human resources, finance and life support and follow one unique on-demand concept, which is also used in our magazines and eCourses.

The special thing about it is that you can register here our page Compile your content and information in a book according to your wishes. In this way, we enable you to acquire knowledge in a very targeted manner. The publisher is also repeatedly in the Trade press received.

Note on the book

All texts are edited before they are entered into the system, but since errors can always occur, we ask our readers to actively help us: If you discover errors or irregularities in the book, please write to verlag [at]berufebilder.de, Thank you!

Because so that we can offer you these diverse options as cheaply as possible and at the same time support climate protection, we forego final editing of the finished books and donate at least 5 percent of the sales of our books to non-profit organizations that support afforestation projects and climate protection. We will be happy to provide you with further information on request.

  • Yes You Can {+ add-on as desired}
  • Return to work {+ add-on as desired}
  • The art of business seduction {+ add-on as desired}
  • The secret way to a second chance {+ add-on as desired}

Every book offers you

Each of our books offers you compact knowledge with a quick overview of the topic as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice. It helps you to make decisions step by step, to achieve success and also contains numerous overviews and checklists for easier readability.

In addition, our unique publishing concept offers you many best practice tips and examples from successful managers, entrepreneurs and other exciting personalities.

Structure of the book

Various, possibly contradictory, facts of the topic are dealt with very deliberately. This enables you as a reader to examine and reflect on the various pros and cons aspects of the topic and to weigh them up in the event of a decision.

The clear structure and our special, very detailed table of contents will help you to find the information you require quickly and as required and to implement it directly in practice.

Information as desired and additional material to the book!

Under the motto Information as desired we will put together exactly the information you were looking for. For example, the book also includes an eCourse with worksheet to work through, which you as a reader in our academy under https://best-of-hr.com/academy/ received for free. You can find out how to do that in the end of the book. 

Each book you can also purchase as a member https://best-of-hr.com/member/ with a 20 percent discount as a member edition directly on Best of HR - Berufebilder.de®. You can find all our book titles under https://best-of-hr.com/publisher/. The registration takes place under https://best-of-hr.com/member/.

In addition to the membership discount, as a premium member you even receive a flat rate for one year with all learning materials, downloads and premium content on our website free of charge.

Personal eBooks and eCourses

You want an individual eBook or eCourse on a specific topic? You can also find that on our publisher-website under https://best-of-hr.com/publisher/.  

In the academy of Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® you find in addition eMail courses with individual setting of tasks, personal support and certificate.

  • 15 rules for better negotiating & selling {+ add-on as desired}
  • 15 Incredible Career Tips {+add-on of your choice}
  • 20 strategies for creative problem solving {+ add-on as desired}
  • Mindfulness & solve team conflicts {+ add-on as desired}