Not a few Corporate strive extremely hard, with ingenious strategies new customers to win. The conclusion counts at all costs. Is the fish or the Customer once on the hook, no one cares anymore - the deal is done. The wrong Strategy.

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Final Geilheit vs. Contract with rights and obligations

In many companies, large and small, the Success of an apparently good salesman solely and exclusively based on the number of his transactions? But it really is useful? The simple answer is "No".

Because for the customer as well as for the Seller The work only starts after graduation. Customer and seller conclude a contract through a (sale) purchase. This results in rights and obligations for both parties. And that is exactly what is often overlooked.

Short-sighted behavior leads to unsightly consequences

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Unfortunately, some sellers only see the numbers of the current deal and are not thinking about a longer-term business relationship at the moment. They tend to tell the customer something inappropriate. The Turnover is written the company satisfied and the bonus in your own pocket does the rest!

Such a shortsighted one Behavior often has consequences, e.g. B. Purchase remorse, poor payment behavior, cancellations, missing recommendations. That can't really be what the seller wanted. A deal at any price comes at a price that is too high. Every seller should keep in mind: the conclusion is nothing more than an (important) intermediate goal. The main goals are good follow-up sales and long-term enthusiastic customers.

Tying customers in the long term - that's how it works

The customer should come back and not the goods. That's the secret of successful sellers. Often this is easier said than done. Because many customers always make very unpleasant experiences.

Some have been ripped off more than once, others worry that it could happen to them, although there is no real reason for it. If a seller appears, they immediately sense danger. You only see him as someone who “wants to talk to you about something”.

Uphold professional honor

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Some vendors even stand their own Job negative towards: you do not want to pander. They should know better though. Long-term business relationships are only possible on the basis of honesty and reliability.

Hoping for the quick Money one or the other seller can certainly be tempted to sell unfairly. Unfortunately, others are forced to do so by overwhelmed managers and unrealistic targets. But in which profession are there no black sheep? You must not be the yardstick.

Honesty and authenticity sells

The top priority for a seller should therefore be, always Honestly to be his customers. This means responding to any concerns the customer may have and not holding back information that the customer needs.

The characteristics of honesty, fairness and openness are wonderful characteristics to stand out positively from the bad seller image. With this, the seller signals to the customer: “I am really there for you. i am your seller I want to help you to make your way easier. If it suits you, then we'll come into it Shop. Otherwise we let it be.”

You should internalize these 5 principles

It is not enough just to act as a salesman by default. Rather, the seller has to get the customer into the boat by taking a holistic view of him and showing him respect through respectful interaction. In order to become an excellent seller and to become a valued partner of your customers, it helps to internalize the following principles and to base their own actions on:

  1. Be attentive and stay
  2. Take into account what people want
  3. Take nothing for granted
  4. Recognize and use moments of surprise
  5. Exceptionally noticed

So you meet the customer expectation

Bring the seller and his offers verifiable Solutions and concepts, sales, profit, safety, comfort, image, less Stress, less pressure or more joy, everything is wonderful. If not, he should consider how he can do it in the short and medium term.

Information, which benefits and values ​​are most important to the customer, excellent salespeople place their offer optimally in the customer's imagination. Even the price goes down Significance. The more useful and valuable the customer thinks the seller is, the more likely he is to buy from him.

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