Game of Thrones was one of the most popular TV series ever - as has been proven by many HR. That leaves it for the daily Recruiting-learn work.

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Game of Thrones as a role model for recruiter?

Even at staff events, which are often a bit stiff and boring, there is often one topic: the cult TV series “Game of Thrones”, the highly anticipated last season of which is now being broadcast.

But Game of Thrones is more than a fantasyStory. The elaborately told story is also so successful not least because of its extremely complex characters. And it offers a lot of material, successes and defeats, from which HR professionals and Recruiter can learn a lot for their daily work.

1. Offer a chance - no need (Daenary's Targaryen)

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Daenerys keeps proving her leadership skills by making the best of the People out. By adding to their army of former slaves, the “Immaculate”. Choice agrees to join her voluntarily and not force her back into slavery, she gains a loyal following who believe in her with conviction and trust her.

A recruiter who can replace a need with a choice can outperform other recruiters. Who a constructive, advisory and personalized Solution offers instead Candidates and customers urging decisions will do most Success to have.

2. Judging with objectivity and without prejudice (Cersei Lennister)

Flashback to Season 1 when King Robert Baratheon was mortally wounded while hunting and appointed Ned Stark protector of the realm to rule until Robert's "son" Joffrey came of age. Cersei on the other hand accused Ned of treason in order to bring Joffrey to the throne. The Boy Prince was unfit to rule by any measure, but thanks to Cersei's lack of objectivity and bias towards Ned, he nevertheless became king - much to the chagrin of his subjects.

Objectively, Ned would have been a better choice for the position. Even though you should pay attention to your gut feeling as a recruitment consultant, it is important to evaluate the candidates in an unbiased and objective way and to judge the ability to do a good job.

3. Focus on Employer Branding (Robert Baratheon)

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The Night's Watch, an 8000-year-old army holding the wall to the north and that Rich protects, was once made up of volunteers from noble houses and people with extraordinary abilities. The Night's Watch had a solid reputation, and many good people volunteered. However, Robert Baratheon neglected the Wall and the Night's Watch, which is why they lost their reputation. Now the Night's Watch is made up almost entirely of criminals evading punishment and a few nobles hiding in exile.

If you, as a recruiter, do not concentrate on building an employer brand, the quality of the Candidate inevitably and it no longer matters how big or well-known it is Customer is. In doing so, it is important that Industry good to know. People want to engage with recruiters who can help them with information and expertise they don't have.

4. Find candidates with passion (Podric)

At the beginning of the series, Podric was an awkward, obviously incompetent squire. But with his devotion, loyalty, and passion, he became a trusted companion, serving a great service to two masters and even saving one of them on the battlefield.

A candidate who looks perfect on paper, but no passion for it Company shows is not the right choice. Instead, look for someone who knows when the company was founded, where the head office is, what the service or product is, and even better, how it uses and loves it. Such candidates are dedicated and enthusiastic, something you can not learn in training.

5. Give young, inexperienced candidates a chance (Lyanna Mormont)

Lyanna Mormont is possibly the most powerful 10 year old in Westeros. As the Lady of Bear Island, she knows how to govern and despite her young age is respected and respected by her people. Lyanna doesn't have one Anxiety from taking new directions, such as recognizing Jon Snow as King of the North and pledging their loyalty to him in the fight against the White Walkers. Surrounded by experienced soldiers and politicians, she never ignores the advice of her wise advisors.

Lady Lyanna Mormont is an excellent example of how generations can learn from one another. "Employees from Generation Z can bring new perspectives to a company and should not be underestimated despite their lesser experience. As a recruiter, you should give the new generation of professionals the opportunity to develop their full potential.”

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