Many Ask when it comes to preparing applications are a matter of taste - depending on the individual preference of the HR manager, the decision fall or cause a frown.

The 8 most important aspects in the application

From practical experience, however, there are some requirements for application documents, which basically apply:

Mistakes are a “no-go”

Recruiters read daily a variety of lives. With the help of an experienced scanner, they can immediately notice inconsistencies in the design (eg different line spacing, font sizes or types). In times of automatic spell checking of Microsoft Office and other word processors, you may not experience errors in spelling. The time for a conscientious proofreading of the CV, especially by another person who does not already know the document, should be taken.

The content aspects in the Curriculum vitae of course continue to wear the larger one Significance and decide about the ultimate Success. However, deductions in the “B grade” in terms of design already prevent the HR preoccupied with it.

2. Content and success

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Avoid just listing positions and employers. Of course, the resume needs to get better Orientation  be constructed anti-chronologically. The single ones Companys and positions that you have passed through in your career are then relatively free to design. Explain what important things you did there. Job titles alone don't help. Report on “Countable”: What successes have you achieved? How can you quantify your work and results?

If you are not working for BMW, Google or Telekom, it is worth taking a few facts about the company to provide the unknown name with more clarity. In this way, the personnel can make a clearer picture of your person and your current work environment.

3. Matching: correctly advertising for themselves

A number of positions and employers come together in the course of a career. A good curriculum vitae should never be misunderstood as a comprehensive compendium of working life. You are applying to potential new employers. As in classic advertising for products and services, you should trumpet the important attributes of yourself and let the properties of you that are not in great demand disappear into the “side effects”.

The analogy to product communication goes even further: products focus in advertising certain target groups, their characteristics and needs one knows. your target audience as Candidate is the target company. The characteristics and needs result from the corporate communication and the job advertisement. Use this approach for yourself: What is important and useful for the company? What do I focus on, what not?

4. Do not lie

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Curriculum vitae and cover letters lie about bending the beams. Recruiters regularly experience more or less successful attempts by applicants to give their professional career a little more shine than it actually has. Anyone who is serious about a high level apply should, of course, never present false facts in his or her records. As a rule, HR managers are excellently trained and recognize in the process fast inconsistencies in the Presentation of Candidates. HR departments  check routinely the most important details of the applicants. About skillful questions in job interview in addition, this happens e.g. B. by contacting former employers, language tests or examinations at educational institutions for qualifications.

Don't waste any thought on untruths in the application process. Instead, focus on the question: How do I manage the critical characteristics of my professional career – without too lügen – to communicate appropriately?

Invest the time in the clever design of your application documents. Create one for the recruiter Perspektive, which shows what defines you as an applicant and distinguishes you positively from others. Push less valuable aspects into the background, but stand by it.

5. Know the contents of your CV

If you don't know your own CV inside out, you can Conversation get embarrassed. You should be able to effortlessly report all job descriptions far beyond the CV descriptions alive. Otherwise you might get the impression that you are not telling the whole truth - see point 3. The more serious and competent act You in conversation, if you don't recite your CV chronologically, half by heart. Ideally, explain along a red thread that revolves around your thematic priorities that are particularly important for your target company.

6. Take the chance of the application photo

The importance of the application photo tends to be underestimated. In most European countries, you now apply without a photo. This is also possible in Germany, but not the rule. It's a great opportunity for you Personality and bring individuality to the documents. HR managers are people who are looking for other people – including as new colleagues. Of course, a HR manager is much more positive about an application with a good photo than an application without a photo, which creates latent uncertainty.

The danger: a bad photo creates the opposite: a high rejection rate simply because of the photo. What makes a good photo? It should be a current application photo in high resolution, not a private snapshot with a bad cell phone camera where you look like that sympathisch comes across. A simple, modern format with an appropriate background helps, as does clothing and attitude that suits your application level. Google for modern application photos and get advice from a good photographer. The Investment it's worth it.

7. The appropriate cover letter

The importance of the application letter is very controversial among staff. For some, it is the decisive place where I can see how the candidate can express himself in whole sentences and how he / she is able to briefly and concisely describe his situation. Others, on the other hand, read it transversely and then devote themselves entirely to the curriculum vitae.

There is nonetheless klare Requirements for a good cover letter, no matter how important the recruiter considers it to be:

Standard phrases annoying and boring - take the trouble and develop your own, concise statements. Do not just write about yourself, but connect to the company and the position. What attracts you to the position? What use does the company have from just hiring you?

Overestimate the Medium”Write to” Don't: Don't even try to get rid of everything you've always wanted to say about yourself. Concentrate on the essentials. Don't be superficial, but take a few exciting details out of your CV. Make the staffer Lust for more information about yourself. More is not realistic. A DIN A4 page is still the limit.

8. Uniform appearance: online and offline

Your CV has been facing strong competition from your profile in the past few years Internet. This does not apply to you because nothing can be found about you on the Internet? – First of all, it is highly doubtful that nothing can be found about you on the WWW. Secondly, that would be bad: If you really do appear to be a candidate at first glance, HR managers usually look online to get an initial “public” picture of you. If you don't find it there, it will at best appear grumpy with technology. In any case, the recruiter is missing this important impression.

Therefore, the following applies: Take care with consciously designed Online- Work to ensure that the recruiter can get a good impression. Social media offer you the best basis for this. When searching for your person, you will definitely end up at networks such as B. XING, Experteer, LinkedIn, facebook and Co., where you can present yourself and your professional CV in an excellent way. Show a uniform between your application documents and your online profile Appear, the HR manager feels good and secure.

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