At least since then Success Tim Ferriss' "4-Hour Workweek" has the Term of lifestyle design one klare Significance get and a lot Attention obtained.

lifestyle design

Looking for self-determination

More and more People have been looking for alternative forms of work and self-realization ever since. Lifestyle designers want to shape their lives instead of following what the Society intended for them.

As a lifestyle designer, you decide how your life in the Future should look like. You break with old assumptions and expectations of your environment to make your own from now on Regulate to write. This is exactly what I mean by a self-determined life.

Decide on dependencies yourself

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In a broader sense, self-determination is independence from other people, from an environment, a social system, an employer and unwanted obligations that do not bring you any added value. That's not to say that dependencies always negative have to be. However, I would like to have the freedom to control these dependencies myself decide to be able to This includes


The society we live in is based on convention. Without these unwritten rules and norms, peaceful coexistence would be difficult. But these conventions can also restrict our freedom of action.

For most of us, the biggest hurdle to self-determined living is mental. We ourselves are our greatest Problem, because we sabotage, question and dramatize wherever we can. We were raised to be critical of new things.


In order to be able to live self-determinedly, you have to put aside your skepticism about change and instead Status question the quo. You shouldn't follow the majority, you have to trust your own feelings.

Maybe it's low self-esteem or social pressures—far too often we choose to live up to the expectations of others rather than please ourselves. im young Age we were taught it's rude No accept.

Adults are responsible for their thoughts and actions

Always nodding and saying thank you was the motto. In adulthood, however, we are responsible for our own actions and their consequences. That's why you always have the right to Head to shake.

A good education, a house in the country and a Jobs in a decent Company are just a few of the worthwhile ones Setthat parents, teachers and friends give us to take with us.

Change begins in the head

All these stories that are told to you are conventions. You have the right to question what is being told. Follow the stories you want to follow and say no to everyone else.

The first step towards more independence in your life definitely starts in your head. Without throwing deadlocked thinking barriers overboard and new ones ideas to let in, everyone else does steps little Sinn, If you are striving for more freedom, you must also be ready to take on more responsibility for yourself.

The dependence on others

Real freedom begins when you take responsibility for aspects of your life that were previously external. Because, as Spider-Man says: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Whenever you let someone else - friends, employers or the government - decide for you, you become dependent. That makes it easier that Debt for the consequences of this decision to look at others, but it leads entirely for sure not to greater freedoms.

All the areas in your life where you don't satisfied are, you have to steer yourself. If you don't do it, someone else will do it for you and you shouldn't complain about the result.

As an entrepreneur you can decide for yourself

As an entrepreneur, you can shape the course of your professional future much more flexibly. When you leave social security, you can decide for yourself whether and how you want to protect yourself. As Alternatives now Study you can make your own Curriculum Vitae im Internet compile and the contents of your Education determine yourself. The list is endless.

You should consider which systems and institutions you want to make yourself dependent on and which you want to remove from your life in order to consciously control them yourself in the future.

Ready for more responsibility?

The "disadvantage" of a self-determined life is that you alone are responsible for your decisions and the resulting consequences. You can't blame anyone anymore. Not your parents, not your employer and not even the government. You alone are responsible for everything that goes well and badly. The reward is independence.

To the point it has Hal Elrod with the following statement:

“The degree to which you accept responsibility for everything in your life is precisely the degree of personal power you have to change or create anything in your life.”

The more responsibility you are willing to take on, the more Control do you have about your life. Are you ready to take on more responsibility?

To put it right

I admit that an uncertain future can be scary. Especially when you are responsible not only for yourself but also for other people.

Fears always arise when you venture into new territory. When you do something for the first time. Then there are always doubts and they Anxiety before failure inhibits you in your plans.

To rationalize fears

By rationalizing your fears, you make concrete things out of the phantasy that you can face. This is especially the case when you become self-employed, go to an unknown country for a long time, or end a long relationship. These emerging doubts are partly justified, but partly subjective.

In order to properly deal with your fears and doubts, you need to separate the useful self-doubts from blocking mindsets. Personally helped me a lot in dealing with doubts, my Definition change for failure. If something doesn't work, I don't see it as a failure, but as a learning process.

Failure as a learning process

I'll analyze for myself what went wrong and do better next time. When you're at a point where your self-doubt is eating you up, don't always ask yourself what if it doesn't work, but instead ask yourself: What if I don't try? What if I can do it? What's the best case?

Don't think about the security you will have to give up, think about the independence you will gain. Anticipation instead of fear of loss, that should be your motto in the future! Your open attitude to change will naturally lead you to see opportunities instead of risks see.

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