In order to survive in complex markets and provide value-added benefits, they must Companys adjust. Strategic realignment and organizational change are coupled. Corporate identity is also subject to change.

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The luck of new management structures

competitive Solutions in a changed environment require new management structures. All operational and strategic steps are to be coordinated and interlinked, change processes should really take effect and desired improvements and Set be achieved.

What sounds very plausible in theory, in practice, but then many pitfalls, as Hannes has to experience suffering.

Reorganization is (un) treatable

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The Hannes company has once again undergone a major reorganization. This time, the change is deeply involved in the structures. Verticalization and interface optimization mean nothing more than making everything more efficient and effective. The service areas of personnel development, customer service and sales will be canceled.

The purpose: Everything becomes more controllable and the Costs are assigned more clearly. As a by-product, they customers only one contact person per area – at least officially. Flipping the MatrixOrganization, with which basically not a single interface is eliminated, but the function lines only cross at other places, means that the processes have to be set up again. Responsibility now lies with Hannes production management.

Stress the positive

Hannes starts with the simple. He traces the process of a complaint. However, the word "complaint" is no longer used. It is now called "constructive customer reaction". This emphasizes the positive and breathes new life into the sentence from the mission statement "Complaints are opportunities". Already at "Customer calls” lurks the first hurdle.

There is no longer a central customer service. From now on, each area will deal with constructive customer reactions itself. The person who sold the product should also be responsible if something doesn't work. The hurdle will be cleared with a queue in accordance with dynamic practice. The customer receives the announcement "please hold the line - das Conversation may be recorded for quality purposes” and then the invitation “for a constructive customer response to product A, dial 1, to B, dial 2,” and so on. That fits.

Map process diagram

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Hannes does a caching. Following this classification, customer inquiries now end up in product division. But with whom? The four posts from the suspended customer service were split between the six divisions. Thus, the lines are busy only six hours a day.

So it is important to activate a ring call, organize the proxy regulation and display it in the process diagram. ,That makes Sinn' Hannes talks to himself satisfied a. After all, this allows us to react quickly to market needs. Every customer should end up in the right area. When he arrives.

Paper exercises in the sign of progress

Hannes continues to design. In order to increase cost transparency increase (it all somehow benefits the customer - Hannes just doesn't know how yet), the average waiting time should be concentrated in the areas. In order to get into the definitive queue, a next announcement is needed, which Hannes notes in the process diagram: "Thank you very much for your constructive customer reaction. We appreciate your openness. Unfortunately, all of our customer advisors are currently busy and cannot take your call personally.”

In order not to give the impression that the company has too many such reactions, the next standard will be set in the voice box “You Feedback makes us happy and brings us further ”. Hannes is proud. The sentence suggests: “The longer you wait, the more progress will be made in the near future”. That is the key to being closer to the market. Paper exercises and organizational chart shift projects are definitely relevant to the customer. Hannes saves the diagram “constructive customer reaction” and starts the process of “winning back lost customers”.

Three aspects of leadership in the service of the customer

Almost every customer-facing company prides itself on being “customer-centric”. It is often neglected that their Implementation one of the core tasks of corporate management. leaders lead a "ship" or to put it another way: every ship needs its captain. A manager stands at the front of the bridge, communicates, directs, is observed and is a role model - in dealing with employees and in the service of the customer. Three aspects are crucial here:

1. customer focus

The Leader designs processes and products. Even in the first step, these should be customer-focused. Companies that only accept customer concerns via detours and waiting loops are less customer-oriented. The customer wants to be heard now, not to be put off.

2. Honest mission statements

“We are there for you”, statements like this can be found in many mission statements. And they will fast ad absurdum if they only serve to decorate the homepage or advertising brochure. As a source of revenue, the customer can expect that a company is really there for them when they need it.

3. customer benefits

Customer focus doesn't just belong on posters, but in people's heads. In everyone's mind Employees and especially in everyone's Executives. What exactly does the customer get out of it? This question must be asked constantly in all areas of the company. Just one positive The answer serves the customer's benefit and thus the company.

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