Competition is a zero-sum game. One wins, one loses. Of the we: approach is as much as possible. This happens when decisions are made that serve the interests of as many as possible.

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I like to maximize interests

Behind the second letter of the WIR formula are the interests. These must be maximized in order to achieve optimal profits.

It's about cooperation, not about competition - even if many see it differently.

7 steps for business transformation

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Our 7th steps conduct Companys, Executives and Employees playfully easy to maximize interest:

  1. Pay attention to the right communication: In order to implement the "win as many as possible" principle, successful communication is required. The exchange of perspectives with the aim of understanding, the willingness to give insight into one's own motives and needs and the commitment to look for win-win solutions are existential in the digital transformation.
  2. Active participation and inclusion: Only when people are given the opportunity to show their interests and only when all parties involved are actively involved in the solution is it possible to create win-win solutions.
  3. Modern technology as an aid: The technical possibilities make everything much easier and faster - regardless of where everyone is. With a Email-Message or a video message, countless people can be informed at the same time. In internal networks, opinions are exchanged and different approaches are discussed. Documents can be quickly sent back and forth and further developed with comments. Consensus decisions can therefore be brought about much faster.
  4. Beware of traps: Of course, it is important to pay attention to the pitfalls, because communication is and will remain a complex matter. We only send a small part of our message through words. Most of the information flows through voice and body language. Depending on which communication channel we choose, a larger or smaller part of the information is lost. The Email consists only of words, the SMS or WhatsApp usually consists of a few words and abbreviations, so there is a lot of room for interpretation and therefore a lot of room for misunderstandings.
  5. Reduce visual misunderstandings: The live chat consists only of words, but at least provides the temporally interrelated exchange. The phone or the spoken WhatsApp delivers the sound of the voice, so 2 / 3 of the information comes in comparison to the personal call. Any visual support increases the transmission of information and reduces the risk of misunderstandings. An additional shared document or a screen presentation, for example, creates more clarity about what is being discussed. If the camera image comes into play, we have reached the optimum that modern communication can offer us.
  6. Trust as the most important instrument: Organizations are becoming more fluid, hierarchies are decreasing and there is more freedom, but also more responsibility for the individual. Trust and integrity are even more important when dealing with each other. Past life becomes one of the most important management tools. When a company recently launched an initiative to enable mobile work, executives respond differently. While some are happy to offer their employees more freedom in their choice of place of work, others are primarily concerned with whether and how this can be exploited.
  7. Also be brave: But what is the best strategy for everyone to benefit. It is an advance trust. That is, acting as if one knew that the other party is also acting in the sense of the WE. This is not always easy for us, especially because we like to underestimate the trustworthiness of people. Transparency with regard to the background, motives and visions, as well as the possibility to discuss them, help to define the framework in which everyone is responsibly approaching a goal that serves everyone.

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