Applications from the computer are still the norm. The mobile Job Search many advantages. We show why the mobile Application Worth and give 2 X 3 tips on what to keep in mind.

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Mobile application: How to convince with a short profile and Co.

About 75 times a day we unlock our smartphone, we see two hours a day on the screen. No wonder, because now you can do almost everything with the phone:

From daily shopping to travel bookings and extensive family chats to finding love. For many People the smartphone has almost completely replaced the classic computer. Except for applications, where most Germans still use the PC. Actually still does Sinn?

Mobile job search on the rise

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First of all, let's take a look at the facts: mobile applications mean both the search for information about jobs and employers and the application for advertised positions, each with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. And this form of application is on the rise. The share of Candidateswho use mobile phones to look for and apply for a job has doubled in the past three years.

According to the study series “Recruiting Trends 2018” by the Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) of University Bamberg, four out of ten Germans use their smartphones to look for jobs when they are out and about. However, the majority still switch to the computer “when things get serious”. HR departments also see potential in mobile applications: almost 90 percent of the top 1.000Company in Germany stated that mobile devices have a major impact on recruitment, because a good 21 percent of all applications are already sent via them.

Classic vs. Mobile application

The mobile application offers a whole range of advantages. An example explains where you are: It's Sunday, 20:30 p.m., you're lying on the sofa and you see the scene of the crime, and at the same time you're helping to clarify the case on Twitter. At the same time, you think about the past work week, which unfortunately wasn't that great, and you have a growing desire to do it again change. Something new is needed.

So instead of commenting on every dialogue as usual on Twitter, this time you surf to various job advertisements with your smartphone and find interesting options. Normally you now sit down at the computer and collect all the addresses and requests, draw up an application package with a letter of motivation, Curriculum vitae, and certificates and adapt it for the respective employer. Write a modified version for each application Write to by e-mail, check several times whether you have attached the correct application folder (we all do that), send off the inquiries piece by piece and hope for positive Return message.

Mobile Apply in 3 simple steps

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Quite an effort if you think about it like that. A mobile application could make the process easier. For our example we use the “Monster Job App”. The app shows how an external job portal manages mobile applications.

The steps, which now follow, are like that fast done that this is also possible on Sunday evening on the sofa.

  1. First, with just a few clicks, you create a profile with your provider, in this case Monster, and enter your personal information.
  2. Then you upload all the documents you want to send along with your application - unfortunately you will not be able to pass this on a CV. You indicate which job you are interested in and see at a glance all available offers in your region.
  3. And then comes the trick - similar to the mobile dating app Tinder, it is sufficient to swipe the individual offers to the right or left to reject them or to apply. Finished. No further attachments, no cover letter, no application forms.

The mobile application therefore has three major advantages: It saves time, work and can be done from anywhere. Companies also benefit from this: Recruiter can clear more potential Candidate target. A win for both sides.

3 Tips for Applicants

But even with the mobile application, there are some pitfalls. The following points should be considered by applicants:

  1. Demarcation When applying, it is important to emphasize personal strengths right at the beginning and thus create individualization. This will set you apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression.
  2. Focus It seems easy to swipe right on all employers and apply anywhere. However, you should not do this if the positions do not meet your requirements and qualifications. This saves you and your employer a lot of time.
  3. Precision Precision is particularly important in the fast, mobile world so that no errors creep into the application that could disqualify the candidate. Better to play it safe and let someone proofread it. In this way you ensure that the documents arrive at the company of your choice without errors.

Conclusion: Mobile as an alternative to the classic application

The mobile application is already a serious one today Alternatives to the classic application. Even if there is a need for improvement in some areas and not all employers support the offer, mobile recruiting is becoming increasingly popular Future play an increasingly important role. Job boards like Monster already offer Solutions for the mobile job search. It is up to employers and applicants to accept them. Maybe it will be possible to free this part of life from the desk.

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