Tim Ferriss says: “People tend to prefer dissatisfaction to uncertainty.” And in fact, uncertainty makes many of us feel good Anxiety. But you can learn to deal with it – and take countermeasures.


The limits of your comfort zone

Do you know that queasy feeling in your stomach that warns you of a new, possibly risky situation? That is the limit of your comfort zone. There is little uncertainty within this zone, as you are repeating familiar processes. Whenever you overcome your fear and thus expand the limits of your comfort zone, then you grow as a person.

An Everyday life with constantly repetitive activities in turn means standstill. It means conformity. As long as you are compliant, a firm one Income and you have good insurance, you can do that Risks limit to a minimum. As in the legend of Icarus teaches us the widespread Opinions, that we should not fly too close to the sun and not too low over the water.

Life is a journey

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Your life should be a journey with constantly new challenges. If you really feel alive feel If you want, then you have to grow a little every day. Finally healthy feed, stop to smoke, write a book, start a blog, strengthen your relationships, have interesting conversations, train for a marathon, travel to new countries or a Idea implement that you have been im Head have.

Far too often we invent new excuses not to step out of the comfort zone we've made ourselves so comfortable in. If only we had enough Courage to take a risk, then those around us let us know how naïve we really are.

Calculated risk?

Are you familiar with that? We Germans are known for tirelessly insuring, standardizing, testing and certifying. This is intended to minimize residual risks as much as possible, which is to a certain extent for sure is also desirable.

On the other hand, this constant desire for stability ensures that we adapt to the Status quo cling and changes than negative feel. We should be aware of the consequences of changes, but not oppose them until every small residual risk has been thought through and eliminated. John G. Bennett put it very aptly:

“If risk could be calculated in advance, it would no longer be a risk.”

Deal with fears

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Holmfriebe and Sascha Lobo wrote:

“The ability to endure a certain amount of fear and uncertainty about the future is, in a way, the basic requirement for living in the digital bohemian.”

This is exactly what applies to all self-employed people in general. Once you choose to live outside the care of employers and the state, you must learn to deal with insecurity.

Distribute dependencies

With the entry into self-employment, however, you can knit your own safety net. You no longer have to rely on a supposedly safe one Workplace leave, but distribute the dependency on several clients or - even better - on the mass of customers, readers and fans.

Uncertainty is a brain reaction that tells us something important is happening in our life – our body's alarm system, so to speak. Depending on how big your general Optimism and your willingness to take risks, it will be easier or more difficult for you to ignore or put this warning from your body into perspective.

Embrace the uncertainty

Take the feeling of insecurity as something positive. It's the harbinger of a new experience in your life, something more real Significance. As a remedy for uncertainty, Jonathan Fields, in his recommended book Uncertainty, recommends using a "certainty anchor" that creates a sense of habit (such as a morning routine).

In addition, it is always good to make you aware of the worst possible case - the so-called worst case - and get an accurate idea of ​​what could happen if your plans do not succeed as you have imagined.

The worst case is not that bad

In general, the worst case is less serious than previously thought. The confused fears in your head are drastically reduced as you rationalize them. Be aware that there is always a way back to the old life.

Emigrants return to Germany, failed online entrepreneurs end up in permanent positions and, in the worst case, they can temporarily spend the night with a friend on the sofa.

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