Just give up the job and start over: Who hasn't figured it out? A radical cut is often less promising than you think.

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Dream job? No reason: the majority quit internally

After the annual Gallup Commitmentindex, just 13% of employees in Germany are emotional about it Companys bound. The majority are only slightly emotionally involved and work to rule. And more than a fifth even feel no emotional connection to the Workplace.

In other words: this one Employees hate their job and actively work against the interests of the company. By the way: Almost 70% of the employees feel not appreciated enough as a human being. Just as many find themselves filling a position that is theirs Personality does not correspond one hundred percent. The Debt most give to their superiors. However, I think that everyone is also responsible for themselves.

The problem also affects the self-employed

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Because that ProblemThe fact that they are no longer in the mood for the job also affects the self-employed. They do have the freedom to make decisions, but on the one hand this is often blocked by external circumstances (e.g. customer requests), on the other hand many people stand in their own way. In her book “The Art, to work less” the authors Alex Braig and Ulrich Renz describe very nicely how you can destroy your dream job yourself – using the example of a manager.

The founded from a creative, euphoric Idea out together with friends a business that will soon flourish. He spent the next few years breathless in the intoxication of a spirit of optimism. Nothing is more important to him than work, he feels important in his position and feeling great Tasks to solve, to be strengthened self-confidence. He finds people who work a 38-hour week and go home by midday on Friday downright outrageous. But at some point the intoxication will wear off.

The way out: just a radical cut?

The company grows: Calculations, key figures and balance sheets gain the upper hand and squeeze the Company into a rigid corset in which there is no longer any room for new, creative ideas. The communal entrepreneurial spirit from the early days, the feeling that everyone is tackling things together and pulling together, is also disappearing; soon everyone is only fighting for their budget, power games and intrigues are the order of the day Agenda. Because everyone wants to maintain their security and possessions and make changes Anxiety.

The way out is only a radical cut in the end: Get out completely. The problem with such short-circuit reactions is that it is often not a sensible consideration. People who throw up have often put up with too much for too long or simply overworked themselves. And didn't notice that it was long enough. And at some point the measure is full and then there is a short circuit reaction. Peng. It is then no longer possible to think sensibly. You can no longer see positive aspects.

Restart with a burden: The old problems and fears are always there

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Apart from the fact that many people simply cannot afford to simply quit their job or not work at all: Usually it is not Solution. Because the problems, his fears, his weaknesses, you take it with you when you restart. And is then confronted with it again – or even more so. What helps is an honest analysis of the problem: What exactly is it that prevents you from enjoying your job? What demotivates? And what can you do about it?

If the supervisor is a complete idiot, perhaps only dismissal can really help. But if the difficulty lies, for example, in the fact that you have put up with too much and too little for yourself Respect is met, you can change that yourself under certain circumstances - and thus save yourself from internal resignation and escapism.

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