Applying is a complex topic: HR like at this honey stand in New York, would like to see immediately who is a really good match – and who isn't. Candidate often make it harder than necessary for them to recognize this.

Simple candidate selection

Recruiter - the choice of torment?

No question about it, matching is an important issue when it comes to vacancies Company to be filled: The applicants should match the vacancy as precisely as possible. This is why every recruiter's desk is regularly flooded with application documents.

Plus dozens selection-Methods, which should possibly lead to exactly the right Employees are set: So those who are exactly the right ones qualifications bring along that fit the corporate culture exactly, etc. Uff. But see it positively: If it were easy, dear HR, you would be unemployed!

Matching - but please immediately!

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Matching is only one side of the medal. It should also be possible fast go. Preferably as simple as at this honey stand in New York – many HR managers would like it to be the same when selecting applicants: see at a glance which honey is in which jar and which applicant has which skills; and then after a short test, i.e. im job interview - fast decide, who is the right one.

But why is it that many good applicants are sorted out immediately? What's going wrong? The simple truth is that many applicants don't understand the basics of Job Search and Application I do not master it and make it unnecessarily complicated for the staff to deal with them with missing or bad documents.

5 Basic Job Search Tips

Applicants would have with the abundance of application literature or Online-Appearances on the subject enough opportunities to find out. Because when applying skillfully, the main thing is to make it as easy as possible for the decision-maker. You can find out how to do this in the following 5 tips, which provide an overview of the basics of job hunting:

1. Main cause: Formal mistakes, bad preparation

In order to have good cards at the application pokers, you have to be prepared for the start. This is not always the case in practice. Thus, crumbling, incomplete or soiled application documents as well as unpredictable appearance in the discussion talk are not uncommon.

It often turns out that the applicant has not dealt enough with the company and the position, that he is not listening properly or does not stop Ask can go into or answers to it much too long-windedly.

2. Basics instead of Guide Mountain

Instead of rummaging through the mountains of adviser literacy and, if possible, distributing it, it is better to concentrate on the basics that are really necessary to leave a top impression on the entire application process.

And what do the basics look like? Short and to the point, complete and clear, correct and tidy: that is essentially the recipe for success for the written application. Formal and orthographic uncleanness such as spelling or punctuation errors, stains or dog-ears are to be avoided at all costs.

3. Short and concise name the most important

In a short Write to the applicant should explain conclusively why he is a perfect fit for the company. A good picture says more than a thousand words. The tabular curriculum vitae contains all important career milestones in a clear form:

The current data belong at the beginning. All relevant qualifications should be right at the start clear be exposed. According to the motto: These are mine Competencies, with the following training or further education and references I score! Those who can show relevant special skills and knowledge can score points.

4. Shine in the job interview

Especially applicants who have been unemployed for a long time or who are interviewed from the exercise should prepare themselves intensively for the special interview situation, preferably by playing it through in their minds or with a good friend. Particular attention is paid to Curriculum vitae, Professional training and own personality traits.

For the interview itself, you should be appropriately dressed, well rested and appear on time. Alcohol or cigarette consumption are taboo. The highest maxim for Conversation is: answer calmly, briefly and factually, ask questions in a friendly manner if anything is unclear.

5. Well justify job selection

But you also have to be able to justify why you are looking for this job or what has led to unemployment. For their part, applicants should have their interviewer ready to answer questions about three topics – namely about the company, its economic environment, i.e. the order situation, and about the Workplace, which is specifically at stake.

Anyone who applies to a temporary employment agency should also pay attention to which collective agreement applies and which one Measures on occupational safety can be proven in the form of certifications. You should therefore take a close look at the company!

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