Keith Rosen is actually a collegeProfessor for history. He taught at Texas Southern University and was the director of a private school in Dallas. At the same time, he has always liked to show people the historic places of his hometown Houston. "I've always enjoyed entertaining people," he says.

From collegeProfessor to the entrepreneur: life without health insurance

“I wanted to make money with my passion”

But at some point he no longer wanted to offer his little tours for free: “I wanted to show people that history was not only made by Christian, white men and that it was something to touch.

And I wanted with it Money to earn”, he reports of his claim. Therefore he founded his 8 years ago Corporate "Houston Historical Tours".

From collegeProfessor to the entrepreneur: life without health insurance

From Nebenjob to the expansion course

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In the first few years that is Shop sluggish and Keith still had to work part-time as a teacher to make a living. Today, however, business is good: Keith employs 3 Employeeswho do tours for him and has also expanded beyond the borders of Texas.

For example, he has just returned from New Orleans, where he has accompanied a group. Teaching, he's only doing that today Fun at a private school.

Houston - city full of history and stories

In fact, even though the foothills of the city are more like a huge shopping mall, Houston has a lot to offer historically:

In addition to the Nasa terrain from which space flights were directed to 1995, 1836 St. Jacinto State Park has witnessed the decisive battle for Texas independence.

From collegeProfessor to the entrepreneur: life without health insurance

Live with the Hurricane

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Keith likes his job, you can tell. With great enthusiasm he tells me about Texan history and local life. Roughly what it's like to be on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico with the permanent Anxiety live from hurricanes and flooding.

"Many People therefore have two houses, some of which are built on stilts. And it's important to know what part of Houston you're in for sure can live,” he reports mischievously.

From collegeProfessor to the entrepreneur: life without health insurance

Life without health insurance

Something else is irritating: Keith doesn't have any Health insurance. "And as an educated, white, middle-class American," he says wryly. He even thought about it and calculated it, but then found that it wasn't worth it for him:

"If I pay $ 200 a month, I still have to pay for treatments up to $ 2.500 myself - that's nonsense," he says, but at the same time he knows: "If I get really seriously ill, cancer or something, I die . ”

Another mentality

Is such a fatalistic attitude part of the mentality here in Texas? "Maybe," Keith says, and then tells me that the Texas government, for example, has so far refused state funding from the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which would have given children from poorer families health insurance.

It is also his with the ecological awareness Opinions not far away in Texas: there are hardly any solar cells on roofs, despite the high level of solar radiation, public transport is virtually non-existent in Houston in particular, but at the same time people are fishing right next to oil refineries.

From collegeProfessor to the entrepreneur: life without health insurance

exceptions prove the rule

People like country star Willy Nelson, who produces and sells bio-diesel from plants in Texas, or like Tyson Vodochsky, who planted prairie grass together with former astronauts, and with his company Pinky's kayak tours to wildlife and aligators in Armand Bayou (see photo below) offers - among 2 million people - they seem to be the exception in Texas.

According to Keith Rosen, this is part of the conservative, Texas mentality, from which the state is slowly freed. Some clichés seem to be correct.


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