Almost all HR make predictable Ask. Are you prepared and do you know which ones weakness should you avoid? If you are well prepared, you can job interview score on the crucial questions.


Applicant's check in a structured interview

In the pre-selection or when Online-Assessment you are just a number Their suitability is more or less determined by automated filters. In the interview, on the other hand, you are judged by your interview partner. However, this person does not necessarily sit at the table with you.

Pre-selection interviews are mainly conducted by telephone. One speaks of structured interviews, which means that the interviewer works with everyone Candidate a specific list of questions to Candidates to compare systematically. Most of the interview questions are predictable. You should be prepared for the following questions:

1. motivation questions

Definitely expect questions that relate to that Motivation for the Application refer to, such as “What are you interested in the position?”, “Why would you want to go straight to our Company work?", or "What fascinates you about our Industry?”. Your central motive must be derived from the range of tasks of the target position.

You must be able to convey that in a credible way Combination certain activities and subject areas that the position includes is particularly attractive. If you can already refer to your first practical experience - for example an internship - it works clear more convincing than if your motivation is based solely on assumptions.

2. Why these companies?

This question always comes up: "Why us of all people?" - and often the HR manager wants or Executive in spe then hear something positive. So think carefully about what makes the company particularly attractive to you – apart from good pay and high social benefits. For example the following points:

3. Your strengths and weaknesses

Questions about strengths and weaknesses are aimed at your self-image. Be aware of your strengths and what really suits you. First and foremost, it is about working out authentic characteristics for yourself that are really strong, instead of generating a supposed ideal profile. Applicants trying one-on-one to get the job profile you want spiegeln and this as your own strengths portfolio sell, usually come across as implausible. It is expedient to convey a total of three to five strengths. Don't just leave it with buzzwords, but also use concrete examples to demonstrate in which situation you were able to play out your respective strengths.

When asked about weaknesses, you should be able to identify two to three behaviors that you are dissatisfied with or that you need to work on. It is crucial that there are also weaknesses authentic because an interviewer wants to know to what extent an applicant has the ability for self-reflection and self-criticism. Empty phrases or tactical maneuvers, in which weaknesses are supposed to be turned into strengths, go down very badly. In this context, “impatience” is most frequently used, that between the lines positive Messages – i.e. strengths – transported. In the meantime, this weakness triggers aversions in many personnel managers and is often interpreted in such a way that the applicant is not particularly reflected or has not read certain application guides.

4. Competence-oriented situational questions

With questions like "When was the last time you tested your conceptual skills?" or “Which situations required you to have special communication skills?” the expression will be more relevant to the requirements Competencies questioned.

Which requirements are relevant can be easily derived from the job advertisement. With such questions, you score points if you can describe situations you have actually experienced and show how, for example, you can solve a rather tricky one Problem on the communicative level and could lead to a good result. Use the formula PAR, which stands for “problem”, “SALE” and “Result”.

5. What you can do in advance

A good interview preparation is based on a good location determination. This, in turn, is 80 percent of content work, which you must first carry out in the silent chamber. Begin by stating your answers to the most important questions such as motivation, strengths and weaknesses. Identify the most important competences based on the requirements profile, create events that you can use to underline them, and structure them according to the PAR principle.

Please be sure that you are asked to tell about yourself at the beginning of the interview. Prepare a short self-presentation. If you are hard on topics such as strengths and weaknesses, then reflect on them with a mentor or feedback, which would already be with the remaining 20 percent. This also includes interviewing a sparring partner once and checking whether the answers are plausible and understandable for your questioner.

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