Half past nine in Germany. In reality far less idyllic than the fulfilled one Working world in the commercial. Because every third person dreams of a new job. But what to do?

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Everything just a mouse click away

Half past nine in Germany - and one in three dreams of another job in another Company. How could this relationship box between companies and Employees come - and how do we get out of there?

Globalization, digitization - everything is just a mouse click away: the cheaper supplier, the next product, the competent employee. German companies are waking up from their “XNUMX:XNUMX in Germany” idyll and are changing from stable pyramid organizations to fast and agile ones networks.

Mosaic career solves classic career leaders

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It's on the Handthat it changes careers. The rule will no longer be the classic career ladder, steep or at least steadily upwards, and certainly not lifelong permanent employment with one and the same employer.

Instead, there will be an after-and-a-part side of permanent employment and project work, self-employment, deliberately chosen time-outs and temporary engagements. Like a mosaic spreading from a first stone, careers will build.

Safety is passé

How does this change the lives of our employees? Security is a thing of the past. Early retirement is being phased out. Some time ago, companies terminated the psychological contract that was called: Loyalty and conformity for lifelong employment.

Longer working lives mean that Boy Employees are gearing up today for careers that will last 45 or 50 years.

The search for meaning and self-realization

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And the employees have fast learned. Instead of security they seek Sinn and self-realization. Many say to themselves: If everything is uncertain anyway, I'll do what I can right away Fun might. Unfortunately it doesn't work that well yet. Six out of ten employees work to rule. Companies are losing so much potential.

Work and careers are changing dramatically. Old no longer works. Nothing new has emerged yet. We're dealing with a vacuum, huh Career regards. Does that sound threatening? It is even if we don't act.

Career leader is still creating phantom pain

Faced with the pressure of the action, unfortunately, is surprisingly little. On the one hand, we are reading about a new generation Y or Z, which pushes into the enterprise with new values ​​and desires.

But: within two years, these People adapted to the prevailing career culture. And that still means: Ladder is chic. This career ladder, which actually landed on the bulky waste, is still causing phantom pains!

Start with the career culture

The old, traditional career culture includes: companies take care of their employees, manage talent and make careers. Employees can be developed and wait like the frog until the princess kisses them. We know this is no longer working. It does not help, we have to face the topic of career culture.

We have to go much further than the statement: employees are our most important potential. We must the needs bring together our most important resource and the needs of our raison d'être, namely the market. Two of the most important Tasks on the way there: putting employees in the driver's seat of their careers and saying goodbye to standardization.

  1. Give the employees the responsibility for their careers and help them realize their responsibilities. Get out of the sacrificial role, purely into the design of your own career. This is not rocket science and makes most people happy. Or is it no meaningful and satisfying employment to find out what I can do well, where my heart is blood and where is what I can and what my heart beats? The reward of this work is rich not only for the individual but also for the company: wherever skill, passion and the right task meet, we are in the area of ​​our highest performance. Which manager says no?
  2. Take leave of the standardization. Companies must create the conditions for individual mosaic careers. Today we still squeeze people into standardized job profiles and job descriptions. Everyone should be the same and be able to do the same. Here we need a fundamental reversal in personnel work. “One size fits all” does not do justice to employees or companies today. Consistent strength orientation instead of mediocrity. Individual careers instead of planned economy - a “turning point” in the truest sense.

Mediocrity is a waste of time

Madonna brings it to the point: it is a waste of time to make something mediocre. Both companies and employees should only accept the career that brings out the best in the employee.

Then, career is not only a synonym for company success and employee loyalty, but also for happiness in the job. To reach for the stars? The time has come!

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