Your manager is pushing you in with another task, even though you are already totally “closed”. What do you say? We usually say things like, "How am I supposed to do it?" Although we know exactly that the supervisor cannot, wants and must accept this objection. So what to do?

Change structures as an employee: Change management & rhetoric from below

First rule: Never contradict!

Contradiction solves you Power struggle - and you can't win this one. Whoever disagrees loses. So always first: Agree, acknowledge, go along. For example: “This is an ambitious one Projects. That brings us for sure way ahead!”

The supervisor first shuts down two gears, because she feels understood. After: do not complain, but ask. Who asks, who leads. Also and especially the supervisor.

To ask something?

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What you want to achieve. So not: "I'm already totally overworked!" Rather:

Whoever asks, always gets an answer. You know that. You've heard or read this a hundred times. Why do not you practice it as often? Because the feelings come between.

Need for harmony and power struggle

Men feel: “What’s that on your mind? But I'll show him!" In a word: power struggle. That is understandable and unwise. Make it a habit to think before you start a fight. Consciously decide when to fight and when to ask.

With women it is often the need for harmony: "Oh, I'll manage that somehow..." And then she works even more overtime and neglects it Family. The mistake here: defending oneself is not automatically inharmonious!

Change structures in the company from below

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Ms. can also defend himself harmoniously: polite, but determined. And even a tiny bit less Harmony with the Executive is still better than being in total disharmony with yourself, isn't it? In this way, decisive changes in the Companys achieve - for example in important areas such as customer service.

A manager recently complained: “60 percent of ours customers think our service hotline is arrogant and unfriendly!” Here they are Employees in customer contact none Debt consciously. Not even when they say to a customer, “I'm sorry, but that's how it works Technology not!" – “That’s true!” says the affected customer advisor. And now?

Arrogant master teachers

From a purely factual point of view, the arrogant account manager is right. But he thinks in a purely human way Customer: “What a damn head teacher!” Note: Never tell a customer that he doesn't understand the technology or has illusory price expectations. Even if that's true, it comes across as arrogant.

It is better: honor his wish and then one Solution offer; for example: “It would be great if our air cooling could do that. But liquid cooling may be a better fit for your application.” Same content, different Effect: The customer feels informed, not rebuked.

special treatment

What if the customer wants something extra? Then say “arrogant” Adviser/Seller: “Where are you thinking? How much do you think the development alone would cost? We don't do that, at most the cheap competition from Southeast Asia. After all, we deliver quality. By the way, we rarely get such a request..”

The customer must understand this as rejection. It is better to accept him and his wish: “An interesting request. What do you need that for? Aha. We don't have a standard solution for this, but I'll sit down with our department X and see if we can come up with a special solution for you." How nice! You don't even have to come up with a solution. The customer is already grateful if he is not brushed off.

Please take seriously!

feel arrogant People especially when they come up with their complaints and are not taken seriously. Then “arrogant” people often say: “That can't be! Have you plugged in your PC at all?

It can't be because of our product!" That's unprofessional: If someone accuses you, don't hit them back like a Neanderthal. Respond with understanding: “This must be annoying for you. I'm sorry for that." You don't agree with him, you just give him understanding. And he gives you a good grade for it and his Turnover. A good Shop, don't you think so?

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