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Corporate Publishing & Consulting

As a Top10 blog & Crossmedia publisher we want to make work more humane and more ecological! We are a partner of ZEIT publishing house and BMBF. We pass on over 20 years of experience in digital innovation and corporate publishing to customers such as Samsung, Randstad, OTTO, medical associations and universities (Reference projects overview & Reference Index). Publisher Simone Janson is known from ARD reports, TV talk shows, WELT, ZEIT as well as Wikipedia and one of the 10 most important German bloggers Blogger Relevance Index.




Speaker: presence on podiums & conferences, including for customers such as Samsung or Telekom.


TV appearances: TV & radio presence, etc in talk shows & ARD reports.

customer projects

  • New work & future of work: Home office in politics & employer branding
  • OPINION! Thomas Egenter, Head of Human Resources at Hansgrohe: Companies have to apply to employees
  • OPINION! Michael Schuster, CEO Mühlenhoff by Randstad RiseSmart: Personnel restructuring in difficult times
  • OPINION! Swiss State Secretary Mauro Dell'Ambrogio: “Training is provided where there is demand in the economy!”
  • Requirements for employees in the job of the future: How to secure your position
  • {Date} Event of the ZEIT publishing house: Digital themed week ZEIT for work
  • {Appointment} Employer Branding in Tourism & Gastronomy: Hotel is looking for trainees
  • {Event} AOK starts employer branding campaign Newcomers: Celebrities as testimonials?
  • {Event} Dell Expert Roundtable with Simone Janson: The future of work?
  • {Event} Berlin women's hackathon wants to break down prejudices: good ideas instead of women's quota
  • {Appointment} Lecture at the annual meeting of the professional association of established gastroenterologists: Opportunities and risks of the Internet for medical professionals
  • {Replica} PR stunts & gurilla marketing from universities: 11.000 euro scholarship via social media voting?
  • {Appointment} Workshop at the Center for Inner Leadership of the German Armed Forces: How social networks work
  • {Date} Panel discussion with me at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin: “Quality Journalism – New Demands & Old Values”
  • {Date} My talk at the Bauer Pharma Symposium: Sustainability in Social Media
  • {Appointment} My lecture at the strategy meeting of Deutsche Bahn Mobility Logistics: Social Media - Naked on the Net?

That's what FAZ, ZEIT & customers say

Here you will find some press and customer comments on our work. More under References and Press.

[…] easy-to-implement tips on how to reach your goal with less effort makes life easier.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

She also runs the blog, which is one of the most widely read blogs on the subject of work, education and careers in Germany.


Your great Best of HR-Berufebilder blog has been with me for years.

Dr. Margrit Bielmeier, MB HR CONSULTING

Thanks for the great seminar. We loved it. They were optimally adapted to our needs and could open our eyes in many ways!

Agency publica projects GmbH

Awards & social-ecological commitment

The future matters – because sustainability matters! Our name means actively shaping change in society and the world of work. A profession is someone who has his Job and his Berufung even forms. Together with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we specifically support young people through grants. We have already received several awards for our work: for example, we received the New Business Book Prize from ZEIT and the Reading Foundation. Sustainability is also important to us, which is why we spend at least 5 percent of the sales of our books on social and sustainable commitment and are also voluntarily environmentally active - Read more.

Solutions & Prices

From our many years of experience with customers such as Samsung, Randstad or OTTO we have developed a number of PR and corporate publishing solutions for our customers for different purposes. Our reach, social media channels and practical examples can be found in the Media-Kit..

Personal telephone advice

Per started half hour

179€ *

*Price plus VAT. We define problems together over the phone and point out possible solutions.

  • Definition of the basic problem: We talk to you personally about your individual concerns and limit your basic profile.
  • Implementation advice: We advise you on the media preparation of your existing content - also with regard to the technical implementation.
  • Identify your next steps: Together we identify the problem and clarify the next steps with you.

Increase in reach & viral seeding

Once per text

399€ *

*Price plus VAT. We increase the reach of your content in the appropriate target group.

  • Viral Seeding: We analyze and identify the right ones for your topic Target group.
  • Cross-media reach: Distribution of your texts in our media channels - print, online & social media, approx. 25.000 reader accesses per day
  • Title selection: We select the appropriate title for your contributions based on years of analysis of the most-read contributions.
  • Keyword and hashtag analysis: We analyze the appropriate, frequently used keywords and hashtags for you to reach a higher reach.
  • Picture selection: Based on years of analysis, we select the highest-reach image motifs for your contribution.
  • English version in English networks: We automatically translate your texts into English and also divide them into English channels for more coverage.
  • Reporting and Benchmarking: Your post will be shared on over 70 social media channels. We create an overview report for you on the most important channels for the reach of your contributions or, if you wish, a complete report on all channels - both for an additional charge.

Copywriting & Marketing

Once per text

1499€ *

*Price plus VAT. We create texts according to your wishes and ensure the right reach.

  • Identification of your target group: We will find the right target group for your needs.
  • Finding topics: Together with you we will find the right topic for your target group.
  • Medial processing: We identify the right media and the ideal form of preparation for you, eg company-owned media or social media channels.
  • Visibility:  We identify the right channels for your brand and ensure the right reach as described in the increase in reach.
  • Increase in trust factor: We help you as a brand to build trust in your target group.
  • Storytelling and text creation: We write suitable text for you or conduct interviews that make your brand visible beyond your own website or in your social media appearances.
  • Targeting:  We will find the right formulations for your target group address.
  • heading: Highlight the most important points for your target group and formulate the headlines.
  • keywording: Finding out the most important, relevant keywords for your target group.
  • Thematic placement: We find the appropriate wording to address your target group in social media.

corporate publishing

Once per book

2999€ *

*Price plus VAT. We also publish your finished texts in book form and other media.

  • Formatting and typesetting: We create a finished book from your text. You deliver the book text already edited in Word, text or HTML (we do not offer any further editing).
  • Translation: On request, we can also create a machine translated English edition of your book.
  • Title finding and search engine optimization: We will find the right title for you, the right category and the right search terms frequently used by customers for the perfect visibility of your book.
  • Catalog text and cover design: We write the catalog text for the publication of your book in all online shops. You have a full say and design your book cover.
  • Publishing and selling worldwide: We publish your book in the German and international book trade as well as various libraries - here you will find a detailed overview.
  • Marketing: We will feature your title in our newsletter and via social media (frequency by arrangement).
  • Print: As an additional service by arrangement, we take over the printing and distribution of your printed book, including entry in the list of available books, shipping to the German National Library, etc.