Evil fast had a good business idea, went to the bank, got a loan, then took off immediately and a lot Money deserved: In the heads of founders there are often many wrong beliefs and convictions. But how can you avoid classic mistakes?

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7 Preventable errors

In the heads of founders there are often many wrong beliefs and convictions. Unfortunately, they are mostly wrong and can be used by anyone Founder cause a lot of difficulties, especially at the beginning. What seven traps should founders avoid?

  1. Trap number one: Run without thinking. While "running" in the sense of "starting" isn't the worst thing, it alone isn't enough. Before the founder starts to deal with the topic, he should ask the "w-questions". For example: Why does he want to start a company at all? For example, because the labor market no longer offers adequate jobs and it is important to him to finally realize his own dreams and ideas.
  2. Trap number two: Inappropriate personal situation. Founders should check carefully whether self-employment is something for them. “When it comes to founding companies, the most important thing is the interaction of the corporate concept, the financing and the support from the entire environment. This is often underestimated and quickly leads to disappointments after the first euphoria, ”says von der Haar and adds:“ A start-up is like a “newborn”, which brings with it cuts in family life, especially in the initial phase, and demands of all family members Contribution. Talk to your family before starting up and agree on fixed rules for your self-employment ”.
  3. Trap number three: Financially unsecured. Especially in the start-up phase, the founders often lack enough capital to make ends meet, especially if one or the other order is not forthcoming. "Many founders have never heard of a start-up grant or the opportunity to voluntarily take out unemployment insurance and are therefore giving up an important opportunity," said von der Haar.
  4. Trap number four: Lost in the jungle of market and competition. Founders should know their competitors well in order to position themselves well on the market. It is helpful to exchange experiences with industry professionals. This sometimes even results in future interesting cooperations.
  5. Trap number five: Target group, which target group? Many founders are enthusiastic about their business idea, but have not spoken to their future target group. "Much more important than the idea itself is its benefit for the customer, so that the product or service is also bought," says von der Haar.
  6. Case number six: The money will be enough then. Founders should think about their fees early on. Only if they earn enough, they can pay their bills. Sound financial planning is very important. It should really take into account all costs arising from the independence.
  7. Trap number seven: At the beginning of the game. In the initial phase of their founding, entrepreneurs are not supported by external consultants. The nasty surprise follows when there is trouble with customers, the financial office or suppliers.

Conclusion: Falling around, eradicating risks

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If you go into the lion's den, say into the shark tank of your own Company ventures should definitely go there well prepared. This is the only way to reduce the corresponding risks and thus improves his chances for sure years Objective to come, considerably.

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