There are industries, there is actually something like a shortage of skilled workers. But Company Contribute to lack of training readiness itself. How are you doing better?

Hotel Jungbrunn

When the hotel chefs complain

Especially from hotel bosses I often heard the high song of the shortage of skilled workers: In the Saxon Elbe Sandstone Mountains, for instance, the head of a hotel complained that she did not find anyone here in the province who wanted to do the job - and that she therefore started every morning from 6 onwards the reception must be.

The tourism director of a Bavarian municipality pointed out to me that a job in tourism for Boy People in one fell swoop mean the loss of their entire social environment - and is correspondingly unattractive. And in Bonn explained to me one Sales-Manager, blame for the lack of skilled workers is the academization. He said analogously:

“For some time now, universities have been looking for students who Industry discovered for themselves. And they often funnel unrealistic expectations into the students, for example with regard to salary. And with these exaggerated ideas, the graduates then come onto the job market.”

Skills shortage - a problem not only in tourism?

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My conclusion after various conversations of this kind: In the tourism there is probably indeed a kind of professional defenses. At least I hear complaining that they do not find any people here, very often.

Unfavorable working hours, a lot of overtime and poor pay scare off potential employees Employees. High turnover is also in Problem. Employers have to come up with something special if they want to attract and keep good employees.

Innovative strategies

Markus Gutheinz (see picture in the middle) did that - and has just been awarded in Austria as "Instructor of the Year". In order to make the Tannheimer Tal, a remote region in the north of Austria and location of his hotel, attractive for young people, he not only compensates for any overtime, but also provides housing, food and work clothing.

The treatment of the staff also plays an important role: you can also use the spa as well as the guests.

Sophisticated continuing education concept

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In addition, Gutheinz insists on a sophisticated training concept: In addition to the Berufsschule, the trainees learn specialized knowledge and SoftSkills in their own academy. For already in the 90ern recognized Gutheinz, that good people will come only under special conditions in remote regions.

Today his hotel is a real employer brand with 128 employees from 14 nations, including a surprising number of Germans. The Jungbrunn as a reference in Curriculum vitae is now worth a lot, as one employee tells me.

When companies shy away from investment

I was especially enthusiastic about the following aspect: I often hear from many companies the fear that the laboriously and costly trained specialists could eventually move to the competition.

That's why they shy away from them Investment in their Vocational Training, which could solve your skilled worker problem - and that is exactly where the cat often bites its own tail and a fatal vicious circle of lack of training and lack of skilled workers begins.

Fluctuation belongs to the business

Markus Gutheinz, on the other hand, has a completely different attitude - he is completely relaxed on this point: "Turnover is part of tourism. We even motivate people to gain experience in other houses,” he says. The Success agrees with him and some of the well-trained employees even come back years later.

“The employees are the Spiegel of the company philosophy”, explains the hotelier, who has recognized one thing: Esteem for the employees is the best personnel marketing.

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