What happens when you can not be reached? Probably nothing! Therefore, let modern slave drivers such as mobile phones or smartphones quietly at home.

slave driver

Away with the slave driver!

Don't carry your phone around with you around the clock. Take at least one day off from your digital slave drivers every week.

Put them down or, even better, just leave them in the car or wherever.

No phone at dinner

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I often do this all weekend and also recommend leaving the phone at home when you go out to dinner.

What happens if you make a call an hour later or only the next morning?

Smarphone in public is “hip”

In the past, people found it annoying and inappropriate when people talked loudly on the phone in public, for example on the train or in the waiting hall of the airport.

Typically, this Problem it's in the past. Today everyone is very busy with their smartphone.

It's all about the latest news

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This is the case for many People no longer about the desire to be reachable, but simply about the bad habit of constantly checking with the smartphone to see if there is anything new.

Thanks to “WhatsApp”, people sit together at the table while eating - and everyone types around on their smartphone. A bad habit.

What happens when you are unavailable?

Often people who are available to everyone seven days a week, 24 hours a day, expect the same from their fellow human beings.

But if you are not the Federal Chancellor (or the Chancellor), no one should need you in the evening around 21 clock. What is going to happen if you can not be reached from time to time?

The answer: Nothing.

Discard unimportant information

To abandon the digital impeller also includes: Say goodbye to information that does not directly contribute to your goals.

We absorb far too much information by reading: whether it is the newspaper, news portals, blogs or social networks.

If something happens, you will be informed immediately

Don't check regularly to see if the Welt something exciting happened or if there is something new. Normally it's like this anyway: If something really important happens, we'll find out about it immediately.

So we don't have to actively seek this information. Also, keep reading time for professionally relevant blogs to the bare minimum.

High expectations, modest profit

There is no sure way to Success, but the surest way to failure is to try to please everyone. Therefore: Just say NO more often. Example acquisition: Don't communicate too much customers, which do not contribute significantly to your result.

For some customers the profit is rather modest. In most cases, however, these are exactly the customers who have overdone high expectations or a increased communication need.

2 calls are sufficient

I have over the years at the selection suitable participant in mine Coaching-Training have made the experience that two phone calls with a total of maximum 75 minutes are sufficient to give us a detailed picture of the applicant and to give him an impression of the services of our licensing system.

A third call and additional minutes on the phone only count with a so small percentage that it can be easily neglected.

Maximum productivity

From this I have a default for mine Employees created to help us work as productively as possible.

We would be happy to recommend the rest of those interested to other trainers with whom they are likely to be on the phone to this day ...

Evaluate customers according to the Pareto principle

Do the same: Analyze your customer base according to the principles of the Pareto principle, as described in the chapter “Laser-sharp effectiveness”.

Which 20 percent of my customers produce over 80 percent of my profits and which 20 percent consume over 80 percent of my time?

Put unprofitable customers on autopilot

In his book “The Four Hour Week”, author Tim Ferris advises putting the least profitable on a kind of autopilot by communicating a change in company policy.

Send an email listing the new ones Regulate: for example with the maximum number of telephone calls allowed, the required waiting time, the response time to incoming calls eMails, the time to delivery, a minimum order value etc.

Time efficient use

Offer the customer to refer them to another supplier if they can not make friends with the new company policy.

You can then use the resulting working time to generate new customer connections that contribute to better results.

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