The Dutch start-up has grown significantly in just a few years. The fast one was successful growth above all through a sophisticated personnel marketingStrategythat is rooted in the corporate culture.


About the Company is a Online Travel agent with 9 travel deals every day - and thematic categories such as city trips, family vacations or day trips. Our recipe for success: We want ours customers inspire and surprise. We serve customers who want to go on vacation but don't yet know where to go.

TravelBird was founded in Amsterdam in 2010 by Dutchmen Symen Jansma and Dennis Klompalberts. The Idea behind it was: A travel platform that convinces with clarity and a simple booking process. Almost 5 years later we are now 550+ employees, online in 17 countries and over 30 nationalities. - TravelBird Germany

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The German site has been online since 2011. 70+ employees work in German Team. In order to cope with the enormous growth, we work with the cell structure from Eckart Wintzen. In this corporate structure, the cells are autonomous and can therefore work as closely as possible to their market and customer base.

In this case, Germany is a cell that includes account managers, web editors, Marketing Team, customer service employed as native speakers In addition to the 17 country cells, there are also 6 parent cells such as HR, IT or finance,

The company's culture

We believe that when employees feel good, the bottom line is that they like coming to work and better Performance can show a restaurant with fresh food every day, freshly squeezed orange juice, smoothies and vegetable juices as well as its own coffee bar.

Health is particularly important at TravelBIrd: Offer of free sports program such as yoga classes or boot camp with personal trainer (twice a week), as well as our own football team.

The birdie culture goes even further with our own TravelBird bicycles. These are subsidized by TravelBird and also provided with their own merchandise in the form of TravelBird baskets.

Partnerships with universities

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We also maintain numerous partnerships with universities for recruiting and innovation management. Our Objective is, at an early stage with future topCandidates in Contact get.

For example, we organize an in-house day for econometricians from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Further in-house days and long-term partnerships with universities are being considered.

Find exactly the right employees

At TravelBird, the focus is particularly on the right people and the Further Training of the right people. With our own TravelBird Academy we offer various training courses Leadership training, Sales Training, digital/technical Further Training and creative workshops.

We are committed to that Coaching Team available who have become experts in their respective fields through practical experience and can therefore also develop and carry out tailor-made training courses.

Of course, the coaches also sit in our head office and can help Ask and difficult cases can be consulted at any time.

Further development of our employees

What is new for us is the introduction of the program for the further development of our employees under the motto “We grow together”.

The aim here is to bind our employees to TravelBird through constant further development opportunities and promotion opportunities - existing ones Background to further deepen, expand and apply it in the right places.

Referral program

The referral program is based on the idea of ​​further expanding our network if we also use our employees as ambassadors for TravelBird. Especially for Features this is extremely important in the country teams where we are looking for native speakers.

The Birdies company culture is extremely important to us and can best be carried on by our existing employees. If someone is recommended by a birdie, it is very likely that a “fit” is already ensured with the corporate culture.

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