Bias prevents sales success. If premature discounts are given, this will be detrimental to this Company. But it is Debt not alone at Seller. Everyone must take responsibility for this. What solutions are there?

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Know and defuse anxiety situation

Salespeople do not always act purposefully for their company. Sometimes they pursue a variant that is more comfortable for them due to their personality structure, established courses of action and intuitive thought patterns.

Since this usually happens unconsciously, those responsible for sales should use the typical Anxiety- Know situations and thus the dangers for sales success and deal with them. Solutions can be worked out together to remedy the situation.

Do your salespeople buckle too quickly at the price?

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Sellers have to sell - even if it is about the price. Buyers have to buy cheaply - that too depends on the price.

After all, it is their job to buy at the best possible conditions. But the crucial point is how fast Sellers actually "distribute" discounts and how often they give far too high discounts.

Discounts on sale: the path of least resistance

When asked about his motive, the answer of such a "discounter" is usually: "Otherwise I would not have gotten the order". Also other promised Shops often lead to unjustified price concessions. Likewise, the basic assumption that customers at any price (and that is to be taken literally!) widespread: "Yes, do we want the order now - or not?"

Sellers are not always aware of the economic consequences of disproportionate discounts. They often lack conclusive arguments to explain why they are more expensive than their competitors. Also that they finally want the job (or have to in order to achieve their target) and no more time invest is an important reason why sellers discount too quickly and too much.

Sales alone are not enough

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

Even if the numbers seem correct at first glance, Turnover alone is not enough. The bottom line is what's left. That's why sellers have to klare Strategies available in order to be able to push through the calculated prices.

Sellers need to be proud of their (high) prices. If they are unable to do so, there is a great danger that they will prematurely buckle in the price negotiations, even more so if they depend on the order. Compensation models based purely on sales instead of contribution margin support the "rebate illness".

10 tips: This allows sellers to better enforce their prices

Who gives too much discount (s), reduces the profit and endangers his future chances. If, on the other hand, sellers are willing to pay - and are convinced by themselves, price negotiations can be made much safer. The following ten tips help you to negotiate more confidently:

  1. Find out with the right questions what your counterpart really wants and needs. Bring in possible prices yourself early in the conversation in order to achieve the best possible solution. Most customers have financial limits or fixed prices.
  2. Make it easy for your counterpart to accept your prices. Profitability calculations and patterns help as well as positive formulations: not "that costs x Euro", but "you get it for x Euro".
  3. Many buyers ask for a better price because they know that this often leads to a discount. Your opponent wants to test whether there is still "air" in the prices. If a customer asks for a discount, he is very likely to be interested in your offer.
  4. Always try to refute the discount request at eye level first: "Unfortunately, we can not afford the price anymore. Because the offer is worth it. "Then try to leave the price discussion by asking a final question. Maybe "Is it alright for you when we get the goods at 24. deliver this month? "
  5. If the customer remains stubborn, then check whether you actually receive the order immediately, if you make a discount concession: "Is there anything else besides the price that keeps you from working together?"
  6. The price objection is often just an excuse. In order not to hurt the provider, many customers prefer to say "they are too expensive!" Instead of "I do not believe in your quality!". Such a customer will not buy even with discounts.
  7. Only give discounts when you actually know that nothing else speaks against the cooperation. Instead of granting the maximum rebate, you can ask what price your customer has imagined or start with a smaller discount.
  8. Remember that every penny discount reduces your profit. Give the customer the feeling that it really was a strong performance from him to get a discount. Even if it was only a mini-discount from your point of view.
  9. You can also claim a consideration for a discount. For example, you can ask for a written reference.
  10. If the consideration is right, the price is secondary from the customer's perspective - never forget that! So check together with the customer whether a discount is actually necessary or whether it is better to change the quantity or the order as a whole.

Salespeople can support their front team

Who visites successfully sell wants to sell himself the price first. Because only if the provider really stands behind it one hundred percent will the Customer less likely to doubt.

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