Founder must be suspicious. And the start-up hype cannot work. At least that's what it says Dr. Christan Lechner, Professor for corporate governance and Innovation at the outdoors University Bolzano, in his studies.

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Silicon Valley - a regional phenomenon?

Christian Lechner has an interesting theory: Startups are regional phenomena. Even in Silicon Valley, where the entrepreneurs usually studied: “Founders start their business Company where they already have one Network have ”, says Lechner. Targeting start-ups, as Berlin is currently trying to do, will therefore not work.

A hallmark of unrealistic business ideas. For Lechner, for example, is the hype about apps: "Everyone wants to develop the next great app, but a recipe for success is in vain," explains Lechner.

App development is like roulette

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It is pure luck which app will be the next hit: "It's like roulette, absolutely unpredictable and everyone who gets involved must know that he too verlieren can,” says Lechner.

He advises founders to develop service innovations instead: “You should always ask yourself: What is the burning Problem and how can I solve it?” he says. Why then do so many unreasonably want to develop apps? "Quite simply because it looks sexy and cool," explains the foundingProfessor.

About Christian Lechner

Lechner is from Munich and is the son of a serial entrepreneur. He studied business administration in Florence and Munich, did an MBA in the USA and promoted at the University of Regensburg.

At the Business School of the University of Toulouse, he played a key role in developing the specialization there in the field of business creation and, among other things, headed a master's degree in business creation. Since 2013 he is neater Professor for Strategic Management and Business Start-up at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bolzano.

3 typical traits of start-ups

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And there is another reason why the current start-up hype should be viewed with caution: In his research, Lechner identified three interesting traits in entrepreneurs: A good portion Optimism, increased self-confidence – and a healthy distrust.

The first two points are not surprising, especially when I look at some Berlin founders with their overblown egos. According to Lechner, what annoys me personally is one of the basic requirements in order to successfully to found. Statistics show that six out of ten start-ups fail.

A basic requirement for the survival of a start-up

So if you are not convinced to be better than everyone else, you will have to think about it three times. But how does the rosary glasses affect the survival of the company?

Lechner, with his Icelandic colleague Svein Vidar Gundmundsson, has analyzed data on the foundations in Iceland, including data on failed start-ups and the psychological attitude of the participants.

The greater the mistrust, the greater the survival probability

This revealed something astonishing: The survival probability of young founders increases when the founders are suspicious, whereas an excess of optimism and self-confidence negative impact.

Lechner's explanation for this: He who distrusts others controls Employees and Finance far stronger than overly optimistic. This is precisely what gives a company a decisive advantage in terms of survival in the first few years. Lechner sees distrust as another form of exaggerated self-confidence: those who are convinced that they can do everything better do not trust others.

To the study:

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