Personal branding is trendy, especially when it comes to job applications. But can it replace in resumes? In other words: counting Marketing and image more than certificates? And will Recruiting thereby inhuman?


CV or Personal Branding?

Do certificates and certificates have more significance than the personality behind the facade? Are CVs just old-fashioned? And what role do competence profiles play in this, and what makes them different from pure CVs?

Examples of unusual, creative personal brandingideas abound. For example Regine Heidorn, who explained in an interview that Twitter is more important than training certificates. Or the former blogger Kai Müller, who once explained why Job Search and self-marketing Personal posts in blogs or on Twitter can help more than certificates and certificates. Müller wrote in his contribution “If the Everyday life successfully(st) en marketing instrument is” some time ago about the Sinn of his blog:

“I'm learning there People by finding out what music he likes, what he does in his free time, what he doesn't like, that he writes too many box sentences, recognizing his openness or closedness, and last but not least: his own output. His references!”

Do not look at the paper, but at the human!

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In this way, according to the author, the information about a personality replaces certificates and papers that previously served as references in applications. There is no doubt that personality and skills are actually much more expressive than any scrap of paper – I fully agree. And that's just in Germany Problem is, because here, first of all, the appearances are looked at and then the personality - also in this full agreement.

After all, Best of wants HR -® just show that you can leave the training path that has been mapped out and start something completely new; Incidentally, something that seems completely normal abroad and is still viewed with suspicion in Germany.

Structured competence profile as a supplement to the curriculum vitae

But perhaps that is precisely why a well-structured competence profile is the more viable option? A competency profile is a snapshot of one's own abilities and skills Power and complements one Curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae is in no way replaced.

It's a snapshot of everything someone knows and can do, no matter where you learned it. Especially informally acquired ones Competencies can be documented in this way and attached to a conventional CV or resume or serve as preparation for a job interview.

Elevator pitch of your own abilities

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Since the profile should support the job application, the competencies listed in the profile are primarily evidenced by performance in the job context - in order to communicate these competencies more credibly. Accordingly, the profile focuses on the desired function; the competencies listed were selected according to these criteria and are similar to a personal “elevator pitch” on this Objective aligned.

The individual professional achievements of the past are placed in thematic contexts. In addition to a CV, which chronologically lists professional experience, the profile should emphasize the "uniqueness" compared to other applicants.

Social Recruiting and Active Sourcing: Everything stays the same

Because the CV with all degrees as an apparent guarantee of quality will continue to be important. Because although active sourcing is hotly debated in social media as a recruiting tool, especially among personnel specialists, it is also being increasingly used to Candidate to find. But, of course, we will continue to do so first of all on technical matters qualifications, banknotes – and thus looked at the usual scraps of paper, not at people. Perhaps it is not at all desirable that the self-marketing skills of the applicants are so much in the foreground as we are with one Event of the New Responsibility Foundation discussed in detail.

On the other hand, here is often Anxiety of HR even behind daring something new and thus risking your own position or the displeasure of the boss. This is regardless of which generation the HR manager belongs to. But then there are the social changes, some of which are propagated by the same people through the social web fast hot air.

Xing, the personnel favorite toy

For example: Xing still seems to be the Personnel Favorite Recruiting Tool: Because there are nice handy and simple search features that let you track down suitable candidates with a few clicks. What unfortunately falls over backwards: Many good heads are not at Xing, even creative lateral thinkers can be so schematically do not grasp.

A friend recently confessed, "I don't have my Xing password anymore, it was just too stupid for me!" If I think about it properly, none of my friends are at Xing - and I only use it sporadically because I find the possibilities too limited (for example, I cannot comment directly ...)

Human contempt in HR: Dear technical gimmicks as employment with humans?

As I've noticed at many HR-related events, the subject of human resources is taken literally: People tend not to be dealt with - or only when the specialist qualifications have been successfully compared. That makes clearthat it really is all about resources. That's why the HR people find all the technical tools very exciting - they simply save them a lot of searching! Well, a little (childlike) enthusiasm for the whole thing Technologytools may also be included. But be careful not to fall over backwards...

I have to admit: Somehow I had imagined the job search through social media, very idealistic, somehow different. Namely to the extent that there is a real exchange and a real openness towards the applicants. There are already a few nice approaches to this, for example when HR professionals tweet that they are now on the train and that you would like to go to a personal Conversation may come by. But these are just drops on a hot stone.

Internet as a gigantic automated recruiting machine?

In day-to-day business, on the other hand, it can quickly happen that Internet becomes a gigantic, automated recruiting machine - and that would actually have an inhuman component for me customers asked about our seminar offer on blogger relations. Although I honestly wonder why agencies need such seminars at all:

My personal suspicion is that you are hoping someone will tell you how you can cheap their advertising messages to the man or the Ms. to get. The tiresome discussion about influencer marketing goes in the same direction for me.

Marketing and HR: It's about interpersonal relationships and respect

On the other hand, as with all interpersonal and business relationships, it is ultimately about Esteem and mutual Respect for each other. Incidentally, the traditional photo manufacturer Leica showed that there can be another way, especially with regard to the blogger Kai Müller mentioned above:

Laica sent a whole film team to Iceland several years ago to portray the work of the blogger and photographer Kai Müller (aka Stylespion) and interviewed him about it. A great example of what emerges from such respectful cooperation is the resulting video:

Video Note: If you don't see a video here, you have to activate the option “Watch videos” at the end of the page under “Privacy and Cookies”!

Successful viral marketing between art and reality

Müller wrote:

"To be honest: I am extremely honored."

The result is an artistically sophisticated video in which you only notice if you listen closely that Müller reports positively about his work with the Leica camera. The video was even presented at the Rivva aggregation service at the time, despite the fact that the maker Frank Westphal was responsible for his critical selection of the contributions is known. Really successful viral marketing.

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