Attitude and backbone are by no means only terms from the healthcare sector. They also play an important role in the business world. Because only those who show attitude and are straightforward in their own way can positive and build strong reputation.

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Prevent reputational osteoporosis

Reputation has a lot to do with 'backbone'. But if you look at Business um, many seem People suffering from reputational osteoporosis. Only those who have strong bones and therefore a strong backbone can stand up for themselves and their position.

Figuratively speaking, if you make the wrong compromises for too long and do things that you cannot actually justify, your bones will become brittle and your backbone damaged. Reputational osteoporosis threatens. For people with this disease, a little push or a little headwind is enough for them to fall over - and hurt themselves. The damage to you as an entrepreneur, manager or self-employed person as well as to that Companys is enormous. And mostly permanent.

Osteoporosis prevention for a good reputation

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For an osteoporosisPrävention Calcium and vitamin D must be supplied to the body. You should also be active and keep moving. The mineral calcium and the hormone vitamin D strengthen our body and our bones and are our power substances.

These three points also apply to the reputation, our reputation:

  1. Our values ​​and beliefs form that Reputation calcium, Because calcium is important for stability. Values ​​that we believe in and that guide us safely through life give us stability. This is a good reason to keep taking this mineral over and over again, as we regularly call our minds, that which is important to us in life, into consciousness.
  2. Vitamin D is also called sun vitamin because the body can only make it by itself when exposed to sunlight. It is the same with the Reputation Vitamin DGo out and meet exciting people! The Reputation Vitamin D is formed by our activity with other people. The positive attitude is reflected in a growing and high-quality network and in the support of our personal environment.
  3. The continuous communication is in the figurative sense the Reputation movement, Our communication and thus also our reputation work should therefore remain in constant motion. Because that is often the number one mistake: most people communicate only when they need something. Politicians before the elections, entrepreneurs in front of an important building project and the self-employed, when the order situation has already fallen sharply. But that's not how reputation works!

Take position and show backbone

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not show their thoughts, their beliefs often and clearly enough. They prefer to remain silent instead of taking a stand and taking a very clear stand and representing it.

It seems easier to make an understatement than to show through your actions what your contribution to the Society is. But once the shitstorm breaks out on someone in social media, they are Problems almost impossible to fix. Those who only start communicating when their reputation is already suffering are always in a more difficult position.

Profile by individuality

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It is a natural need to be liked by many people. Out of the desire to please everyone and not offend, many behave invisibly. Without own Opinions and point of view they go with the flow.

But only a profiled person is still noticed today. Our strength lies in individuality. This personal 'stand by' definitely needs Courage. However, we are also thanked by addressing the right people and Feedback get.

Reputation needs movement

But personality alone is not enough for a good reputation. There are countless exciting personalities in the business world. personalities with Character, the klare Have internalized values ​​and also represent them externally. Personalities who would have a lot to tell and actually have both feet on the ground.

However, these personalities have partly missed strengthening their reputation and 'keeping it moving'. Maybe it was not important enough to them. Perhaps because of their societal influences, they have refrained from positioning themselves and their person in a positive way and anchoring them in the general consciousness.

Rehabilitation as a long, tedious way

Often enough, it is precisely those personalities who become victims of reputation-damaging victims through a small and thoughtless misstep of their own or sometimes through external circumstances Communication .

In this case, a medial gust of wind is enough to throw these people completely off track. Rebuilding your own reputation and building the image is a hard and sometimes long journey.

Managers must keep their bearings

We invest willingly a lot of time and Moneyto our products or services and their Effect increase in public. However, it is about us, ours Health or our reputation, we very often simply trust in luck and hope that nothing will happen.

3 tips for more posture

  1. Take attitude. Say what you think and why.
  2. Communicate and publish. Regularly.
  3. Network. With style.

Prevention is more advisable than cure

We forget that you can restore products and services faster than our health or our reputation. Prevention is therefore more advisable than cure or howl - especially with reputational osteoporosis.

3 Tips for Avoiding Reputation Osteoporosis

  1. Become aware of your personal values ​​and beliefs.
  2. Think about the meaning of your life and the meaning of your work. What are you here for?
  3. Be authentic, do not hide behind roles and masks. Come out of the crowd

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