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Executive Health: With a foreword by Anselm Grün

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Health, management, psychology, stress management, time management

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Our book “Executive Health - Health as a management task” is freshly published by the renowned Springer Gabler Verlag - with a foreword by the well-known management trainer Father Anselm-Grün.


Anselm Grün has written over 300 books with a total circulation of over 15 million, which have been translated into at least 30 languages. Occasionally he can also be seen on television, such as bi Reinhold Beckmann or in the ZDF night studio. For “Executive Health - Health as a management task”.

Best of is the publisher of the book HR -® author Dr. Ing. Peter Beckerformerly working for NATO and now managing partner of the consulting firm Steinbach and Partner Management Consultants in Nuremberg.


Top-class experts provide background information and many practical examples for comprehensive health management Executives. The book shows how you can use Executive Health to be successful Company to back up.

My book contribution deals with self-management in digital change. The authors include, as well as me Best of HR –®-Author Dr. Denis Mourlanewho is about resilience wrote, as, by the way, in his little one Resilience series on Best of HR –®, Other authors are:

  1. Dr. Hendrik Hüttermann, University of St. Gallen: “Research spotlight:” The influence of leadership on mental health ”
  2. Armin Lutz, managing director of danova GmbH: “Physical health - practical approaches for healthy leadership”
  3. Dr. med. Jürgen Rieke, neurologist, epileptologist and psychiatrist: “The basic human needs and their influence on their health”
  4. Prof. Dr. med. Robert von Känel, Head of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Barmelweid Clinic, Canton Aargau / Switzerland: “Stress and its effects on our physical health”
  5. Prof. Dr. med. Götz Mundle, addiction researcher, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Center for Mental Health: “Drug and Substance Abuse in Management”
  6. Jürgen Mette, Protestant theologian and publicist, speaker for the Marburg Media Foundation: “Managers without managers - constructive handling of illness”
  7. Prof. Dr. Matthias Burisch, psychologist, head of the Burnout Institute North Germany: “Stress-related illnesses and their psychological effects - early detection of burnout”
  8. Matthias Onken, journalist, former editor of “BILD”, founder of the Matthias Onken media agency: “Strategies for dealing with burnout”
  9. Gregor Wilbers, business graduate, executive coach, founder of the institute “Finding meaning in work”: “Inner balance and mindfulness in management”
  10. Dr. Friedrich Assländer, degree in business administration, sociology and psychology, management trainer, coach and consultant: “Healthy people as a spiritual task: Christian principles for everyday management”
  11. Paul J. Kohtes, founder of the PR Agency Kohtes Klewes, Zen teacher: “Zen and the art of being healthy”
  12. Dr. Alexander Poraj, theologian, former managing director of the psychosomatic specialist clinic group Oberbergkliniken and spiritual director Benediktushof: "The meaning of the search for meaning"
  13. Prof. Dr. Christoph Berg, Dean for Business Psychology, University of Economics and Management, Hamburg: “How person, position and situation can be reconciled”


What 's going on in the book? Executive Health Day  Stuttgart was presented in the presence of Thomas Sattelberger? In addition the book cover text:

How do executives succeed in a digitized World radically changed requirements successfully and also in the long term healthy to stay? What new thinking about health is required to sustain the responsibilities in Job, Family and Society with joy and Satisfaction to be able to meet? The authors draw a holistic picture of health, report on their experiences and encourage a proactive, responsible approach to managerial health.

In detail, it deals with the following topics:

  1. Health as a strategic management task
  2. Seeing health holistically - body, soul and spirit
  3. Drug and substance abuse in management
  4. Stress and its health effects
  5. Dealing with Burnout and Parkinson's
  6. Mindfulness, Zen and Christian principles in the
  7. management everyday
  8. Resilience and the meaning of the search for meaning

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    Comment via Twitter – Anselm Grün in the foreword & contribution by Simone Janson: Our book “Executive Health”: Freshly… - Exciting contributionljyXvxOu3f #Profile #Development

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