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5 tips for blog articles that are really read

In what I read daily however in the net so, one must unfortunately often speak of text accidents. And the scared guarantees the web reader. If you want to stand out from the bland blogs, there is only one thing: writing first-class texts. No ifs and buts.

That's the only way to increase the number of readers and leads because your great blog posts are shared. And there will be more conversion in the medium term.

What do you have to pay attention to when writing? I'll show you here.

1. Your blog article - guides the reader through a clear text structure

The web text reader is an extremely impatient species, the one Online-Scans text page in 10 seconds. In fact, 55% of web users spend less than 15 seconds on your website. In this period of time, the reader wants to find out: what is on offer? Do I benefit from it? The better you structure your text with eye anchors, the easier it will be for the reader to find their way around. And stay on your website.

2. Your Blog Article - contains reader brain friendly sentences

Now we come to the sentence itself. An ideal main clause contains 15 to 20 words. With 25 or more words, the short-term memory of the reader is overtaxed and web readers in particular increase fast out of. So don't produce tapeworm kits. Two more tips:

  1. The main set contains the main item. Subordinate clauses are subordinate and are intended to inform about the conditions and circumstances of the main object.
  2. When attachments are attached to the main set, they intermittently interrupt the read flow.

Here are two examples of an ideal sentence consisting of one main sentence and two minor sentences:

3. Your blog article - delights the reader with specific expressions

Avoid general expressions. After each sentence, you should pause for a moment and ask yourself if you can be more specific. In any case, it is worth the effort, because only with concrete formulations and descriptions do you appeal to the reader's senses. And that's what the reader craves: a sensual text experience that has images in its Head produced. So instead write:


4. Your blog article - does not bother with fill words

Speech bubbles creep especially from the oral language in the blog text, which he usually does not get well. Here are some samples:

Delete as many superfluous words as possible. Be merciless, otherwise it is the reader - he just clicks away. Yes, even so dispensable syllables as in this example must believe:

Here are four syllables that I save when I write:

Admittedly, here and there and sparingly and carefully interspersed orally used words contribute to the conversational tone, which also in a Business- Blog can be in between times. But experience has shown that we usually use too many colloquial phrases in blog articles rather than too little. The line between a healthy, lively text and one suffering from the Laber virus is very fine.

Always keep in mind: every deleted word is ballast and makes it easier for the web reader to read.

5. Your blog article - crowned by great language pictures

How can you now give your text a real high gloss so that the Eyes of the reader stuck to the screen? Quite simply: with language images. They are the crème de la crème for every blog article. In my blog I have already compared myself to the three style figures, metaphor and personification and given step-by-step instructions for creating your own new language images. Because remember: nothing alienates the reader more than well-worn metaphors and idioms! Or do you pay attention to sentences like this?

Just. Probably the opposite is the case, the gait reflex makes your muscles twitch. What makes the online reader, however, the path-click-key forgotten, are fresh, still not passed language pictures like this one here:

Imagine, the tone of the superior you are facing is a wire brush that scrambles in your ear canal.

Such pictures remain in the memory, guaranteed.


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With a good language, you will stand out brilliantly from fader blog article bulk goods. And so attract the readers into their spell. Please pay attention:

  1. a clear text structure
  2. brain-friendly sentence lengths (15-20 words)
  3. concrete formulations
  4. little filling words
  5. shining, own language pictures

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