Women often have inhibitions about getting involved Performance to show off The essential, relevant cause for the female "Bite inhibition" is: Female solidarity.


Female solidarity instead of the will to power

The fact that women are less likely to be found in management positions is also due to the fact that they set aside their claims to power in favor of female solidarity. Completely different from men, for whom there is healthy competition. But what exactly is this female solidarity?

Solidarity among women is not only about gender equality. It's also about class, race, ethnicity, religion, educational level, social Status, economic class, political beliefs, etc. All these things can be different, but also one.

The focus is on the community

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Community is a word often used to describe a group of People to describe, but it has a one-to-one relationship with the real Welt? In practice, a community is a microcosm of Society, in which people interact and share Set pursue. There are many different types of communities to choose from Family to Companys. Basically, a community can be a small group of people who enjoy spending time together. It can also consist of a group of people who have a common address, but who do not necessarily interact with each other on a regular basis. Sometimes such a community emerges purely by chance - and can just as randomly disintegrate again.

Women in particular have a strong community spirit: the “community spirit” is a Term, which means “community thinking” and “community idea”. A way of thinking that goes far beyond personal goals and has community goals, social goals and also global goals in mind. Women often think for others, so to speak. On the other hand, they often have one Problemto highlight their performance.

It is often difficult for women to highlight their own performance

Here is an example: My daughter Felicitas, a communicative cheerful person, has no problem asserting herself in the family context of the four sisters. She recently reported proudly to me that her fellow student Bettina had taken her bouldering with her. So far, Felicitas had only climbed, not bouldered. Bettina, on the other hand, had already been there a few times.

Nevertheless it turned out fast found out that Felicitas managed routes that Bettina struggled unsuccessfully to follow. Felicitas described that she then deliberately chose other routes so that Bettina would not notice that she, the beginner, was better than her.

Wrong consideration: the desire for equality

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When I asked Felicitas why she didn't want Bettina to notice this, she replied with irritation: “Well, what do you think she would have felt if she saw that I could do it better even though she had been practicing for a while ? That would have been frustrating for them! ”

Felicitas' consideration could hardly be more typical: Because "among girls" it is unthinkable to give your girlfriend the feeling that she is weaker, slower, worse than you. Even if that's obviously the case, "woman" definitely doesn't want to that the other person feels bad about it. Among women, when others are important to you, there is a form of solidarity in which everyone is concerned that everyone belongs and is "equal". feel.

Working in Dreamteam

For many women, their own desire for community through equality and (perceived) equality is very strong. This very feminine solidarity is recognizable in many variations.

antonella, Boy and committed employee in a publishing house klare imaginations, in their Company to make a career. She was hired by Daniela, a colleague who was her superior, but to whom she is now an equal.

Friends or colleagues?

The two get along well and work well Hand hand. They represent each other where necessary, and on the other hand they also cover special areas that the other doesn't like that much. A kind of “dream team” as Antonella calls it.

Daniela is about 15 years older, enjoys her job the way it is and definitely doesn't want any kind of it change. You probably already guessed that Konflikt? You both Executive Antonella had already announced an attractive promotion.

Let your colleague down? Never!

When Antonella came to me, she was in a great quandary: On the one hand, the offered position appealed to her immensely, since it corresponded exactly to her expectations and she agreed with hers Commitment and Competencies felt very “seen”.

On the other hand, she tormented the idea of ​​not only abandoning Daniela, but also of "overtaking" her. Where she had chosen at the time, for which she was still very grateful to her today.

Would you rather feel bad yourself?

Like Felicitas, Antonella doesn't even think of that Idea (or is he reluctant?) to confront his friend/colleague about it and to talk to her about it. The concerns that “the other” could feel bad are too great. Do you prefer to feel bad about yourself?

Belonging among women is closely linked to the feeling of being “equal”. Women who “excel” often have a bad position among women. A nature that is very contrary to the male!

Community and social thinking don't mean forgetting yourself

The term community spirit means to think together, and the approach to community help is not about forgetting yourself, but about helping others for your own good.

It's one thing to be friendly, polite, and helpful to friends, colleagues, or even competitors, but it's quite another to know what goals you want to achieve in your life - and how the community can help you can. Just think about it!

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