On February 17, 2012 at 11 a.m., Federal President Christian Wulff announced his resignation at Bellvue Palace in Berlin. A rhetoric and impact expert analyzes the body language and Effect his resignationRede.

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The end of his career!

Federal President Christian Wulff said that he would resign. Put yourself in his position: After a successful political career, he only recently received the highest office in the state.

Then allegations against him become public, more and more and louder. However, allegations, the weight of which required much discussion. And allegations that Christian Wulff himself is convinced that they do not apply. And now he has to make this appearance ...

... which means the end of his career. After this office there is no more. He can not as Adviser go to Gazprom or BMW, as a former federal or vice chancellor can. He remains Federal President, albeit with the addition AD for "out of service". The video shows how large the crowd of reporters is that crowds the room and wants to get the best picture and sound.

Stresses objectively, without any emotion

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So Wulff enters with his Ms. the room. His gaze is a hesitant security look at the reporters, without looking at them directly. With measured steps he approaches the lectern and climbs onto the small pedestal. He begins his speech neither hectic nor hesitant. However, this is conspicuously “emphatically factual”.

He speaks monotonously and tries to use any of his own emotions to avoid. He also tries not to show anything in his body language. His fingers play nervously with the speech cards, on the edge of the lectern and cling at times light at this fixed - and all this in constant change - but this visible nervousness is understandable, given the situation.

Eye contact is difficult for him

His slight swaying from one leg to the other is probably due to this nervousness. However, I recognize the control by the deliberately slow movements. The fact that his eye contact is only briefly with the reporters makes the photographers for sure crazy, it's just a matter of luck to get such a good picture.

Only in the passage, in which he pronounces the resignation, he tries to keep a longer eye contact. It is obviously hard for him. Overall, Wulff looks very rigid, tense and as remote-controlled. He does not seem to be really present anyway. There are no visible emotions.

Finish without applause

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I do not want to analyze the content now in which he is clever Set and brings plans again. Rather, it is body language and vocal signals that are of interest. However, due to the restraint of the entire performance, they are sparse.

Even when going out - certainly the most difficult moment, because in such a situation there is no applause - there is only a half look to the photographers. Wordlessly Christian and Bettina Wulff disappear through the door.

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