you are looking in Online-Job boards and find a job – just junk? This is probably not because of you, but because of the offer.


The reality in online job boards

Finding vacancies should be in the Internet-Age with the growing number actually no Problem be - one thinks! But the reality is different: many Candidate can't find anything suitable in the job market - is that because of you or because of the jobs?

Everyone has certain abilities that set them apart from others. And by the time they started their professional life, everyone had overcome many obstacles, large and small, in their own way.

Think positive instead of being frustrated

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For many applicants, when you look at the Jobs the frustration: High expectations, lousy pay, time limits or highly specialized requirements - but overall hardly any suitable offers. Just learned the wrong thing? Does the labor market really look that bad despite the economic upswing? This can not be.

When thoughts revolve around worries and fears, it's a good one Ideato direct them to these positive aspects. When you see evidence that you are capable of handling difficult situations, it automatically lifts your spirits.

The problem is not on the applicant side

Everyone has their own abilities, and by the time they enter professional life, they have already overcome many obstacles, large and small, in their path. You should pull yourself up to it if a look at the job advertisements does not bode well again.

take comfort. Usually the problem is not yours. That many people also with good Vocational Training There is a reason why you cannot find what you are looking for: The jobs on the job exchanges are mostly jobs for which no one has found any other way. Or to put it another way: These are jobs with minor or major flaws.

Only the remnants are sold on job boards

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Because people are often looking for people with an unlimited willingness to travel, who are also willing to live out of a suitcase for several years. Or jobs are advertised that sound good at first click, but are actually difficult to fill permanently due to the poor working atmosphere. Dream jobs are rarely there.

In addition to the unpopular ones, there are more and more highly specialized jobs that land in job markets. Generalist positions, which clearly represent the majority of the entire vacancy, are found less and less in the form of an advertisement. Even smaller ones Companys would very rarely search with an ad. Instead, business owners and recruiters are activating recruiting managers instead of the Headhunter increasingly your own Network or hers Employees. After all, someone recommended to you can't be that bad, can it?

Job search in the network: old-fashioned or the latest trend?

I know the story of an entrepreneur from Berlin who, instead of posting in job exchanges, simply does one eMail sent to his Xing contacts. In it he advertised open positions in sales, including a description of the good working environment. His argument, which was based on personal experience: the chance on this path is right Candidates to get is clear higher than via a normal display.

The logic behind this seemingly old-fashioned approach: Anyone who recommends someone from their network usually knows this person and not only has specialist knowledge, but also that Personality assess - and this is often the most important foundation outside of the specialist world.

Recruitment by employee recommendation; People of the same kind stick together

In addition, employees who have proven to be good employees usually have such friends and acquaintances. Like and like like to join. And then there is the financial aspect: For employers, this form of Job Search usually also the cheapest and therefore also the most promising variant with an excellent Costs-To use-on account.

What does this mean for job seekers? Anyone who is socially isolated and also avoids the Internet is getting more and more of a problem. Because experts expect that the indicated trend will continue to intensify. In the meantime, the first companies have already launched recommendation and bonus programs for employees who welcome new colleagues to the Team Recruiting - along with a special bonus in the event of low fluctuation.

Applying without an application: 10 tips for looking for a job without a job advertisement

So what should applicants do to avoid drowning in this trend? 10 tips at a glance.

  1. Your own environment: If you are looking for a new job, you should always keep your eyes open in your own environment first. You can get more interesting jobs through business partners, customers and colleagues than through job exchanges
  2. Ask specific questions in your circle of acquaintances: Get colleagues, friends and acquaintances the idea to take a look around your own company and ask about opportunities for cooperation!
  3. Keep old contacts: Keep and maintain good contacts, be it from your internship or an old job. Collect contacts in a spreadsheet or electronic address book.
  4. Contacts in social networks: Social networks are even more effective: Here you can stay in contact, link and stay up to date on all changes!
  5. Inform others: Inform your network when you are looking for a job: In person on the phone the close contacts, via the Internet the more distant ones.
  6. Say exactly what you want! Always communicate in your network what you can and what you are looking for - preferably verbally and in writing.
  7. Unsolicited application! Unsolicited applications are a good option! These should be designed so that the recipients immediately have an idea of ​​what you can do and where you can be used.
  8. Let me recommend you: It is even better if you can apply “on the recommendation of”.
  9. Make active use of social networks: You can also use direct contacts in social networks as a bridge to new contacts.
  10. Draw attention to yourself on the Internet: You can also have your own blog and targeted, well-founded comments on sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. offer good opportunities to attract attention.

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