One thing has to be us clear be: Without Organization Many things that have become a matter of course would not be possible today. But it also prevents innovation.

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Organization as an innovator

Organization undoubtedly brings us a lot of progress and makes life easier. Her Significance we often only realize when it doesn't work. However, in our highly organized Welt also be aware that organization can prevent some, many things, sometimes even decisive ones.

We are doing one on the occasion of the preparation Strategy-Workshops a company tour. Structures and components for civil and military aircraft construction are manufactured in the plant. We are proudly shown a hall in which composite materials are used to manufacture pressure bulkheads and cargo doors.

Innovation as a threat

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Organizations do not generate innovations, but ensure efficiency through “fish stick thinking”.

That's why everything that threatens this logic is ignored: the really new, factual ambiguity, courageous trying out, uncontrolled acceptance. But it is precisely these threats that Innovation make out at all.

Organizations prevent innovation

Organization of classical imprinting thus fatally prevents exactly what it needs for its future viability - namely, innovation. Nevertheless, there is no denying that innovation is a daily occurrence in the context of organizations.

However, much of this real innovation comes from outside Industries, disorganized garage companies, by individuals - and often these arise simply by chance.

Creating innovations by doing something forbidden

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Few manufacturers are able to match this Technology to produce important components. The fact that this production method is mastered here is not a matter of course. Significant weight savings can be achieved by processing composite materials.

But actually this would have Expertise must not be present in the factory. Due to the strategic orientation of a few years ago - the plant still belonged to another group - there were instructions from the very top not to deal with CFRP lightweight construction (carbon fiber composites).

Innovation means breaking rules

If innovation is involved, it should not be created at a production site, but in the dedicated departments.

Some brave local engineers resisted and did what was forbidden. She and the factory management saw it as vital for their survival Company and the location at, in Future more than just processing aluminum and titanium in aircraft construction. The tricky thing is that the managers of the parent company were not allowed to know anything about this attempt for a long time.

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From the shame to the showcase project

So it became a lot Energy tucked into secrecy. Not an easy task as space at the site was very limited. And so groups of visitors had to be cleverly guided around the “forbidden” hall, excuses had to be found. It was not until much later, when the innovative production process was mastered and the confidence to take part in various tenders, that the new skills were made public in the group.

Today we are very proud of the fact that a wide variety of aircraft structures can be manufactured from CFRP in the factory. It is precisely this technology that the corporate management is happy to present on visits to politicians. No doubt is for that Company this created a real competitive advantage.

Joseph Schumpeter and Innovation

About 100 years ago, Joseph Schumpeter, the well-known Austrian economist, translated the Latin Term “innovare” on the economic context. By this he meant renewal through “creative destruction”. At that time, this meant the creation of new combinations of production factors. The focus was initially on process and not product innovations.

But organization is anything but one System, which provides for creative destruction and subsequent extensive renewal. On the contrary: reliability and repeatability are the decisive factors of the organization. It strives for rationality. It wants to convey maximum security and therefore cannot seriously allow for the insecurity that is inevitably associated with innovation. Because: organization has to justify itself again and again that something is done or not.

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