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Individual care for those in need of care desired

In 2030, an estimated 100 people will be able to work in Germany Age about 50 People face retirement age. Most of these old people wish to remain in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. For this they need individual care. This is where independent geriatric nurses can help: They do not work at fixed times in the old people's home, but care for, look after and advise elderly people in need at home.

And it is precisely in this area that many new jobs are being created - namely in the service sector, especially in Health and care. A service provider Companys advises on the health of its employees, is desperately looking for employees itself. In the middle of the Crisis around 50.000 additional jobs were created in the healthcare sector - and like industrial production, these cannot simply be outsourced abroad.

More old, less young

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While the age structure in Germany beginning of the 20. In the 20th century, it was still largely that of a classic age pyramid. Today, the most populated vintages are found in an ever-increasing age. The reasons for this are the lower birth rate and the better health care, which is associated with a higher life expectancy.

The old-age dependency ratio, i.e. the ratio of people of retirement age to 100 people of working age) was around 2005 in 32. In 2030, science calculates, it will be around 50 or 52 in 2050 at 60 or 64. The immigration of foreigners weakens this development somewhat, since the Migrants are often young people and their higher birth rate plays a role. However, earlier migration movements have now largely neutralized themselves.

A question of individual health

Unfortunately, older age and longer lives do not always mean that people are in the best of health. The health Problems are of the most varied nature: they range from minor limitations in mobility to mental impairments to complete inability to move. A retirement or nursing home with a rigid daily routine is usually the last option for many of those affected and their relatives. In most cases, everyone involved would like older people to be able to stay in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. And for this they need an individual, on the personal needs tailored care.

This is exactly where self-employed nursing staff can help: because they do not work at fixed times in a retirement home, but look after various clients on an outpatient basis in their own homes. Nursing, caring for and advising elderly people in need of help. The Objective it is always important to enable or maintain the independent lifestyle of the person being cared for as far as possible. A private carer usually visits several clients a day, but of course it is also possible to only take care of one or a few patients a week. The extent to which a client is looked after naturally depends on the price he is willing to pay.

What ambulant carers do

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Depending on the entrepreneurial Objective Ambulatory caregivers provide either basic care and housekeeping services or additional medical services that are delegated by the doctor. Above all, however, they support older people, for example with activities of daily living. This includes personal hygiene, eating or getting dressed. They talk to them about personal and social matters, accompany them, for example, to visit the authorities or the doctor, act activate them and guide them, for example, to health-promoting exercises or active leisure activities.

They work together with family members and volunteers and also instruct them in care techniques, which is particularly important in outpatient home care. In treatment care and rehabilitation, geriatric nurses also take therapeutic and medical-nursing care Tasks true, e.g. they change bandages, do douching and administer medication under medical supervision. They help in emergencies and life-threatening situations, accompany the dying and care for the deceased. In addition, they carry out organizational and administrative activities, such as writing care reports.

Offer additional options and services

They already have many larger care services on offer: Choice- and services that clients can book in addition to care, for example the arrangement of hot lunches such as "lunch on wheels" or "meals on wheels". You can also do this by teaming up with other experts and offering various modules: such as hairdressing and cosmetic services for older people, sports and fitness programs specially tailored to older and sick people, or massages. But even such simple things as caring for plants or pets in the event of a hospital stay, accompanying you to the doctor or to the shops or accompanying you on excursions or even travel could be included in the service package.

Working as a self-employed home caregiver requires a certain degree of flexibility, because the caregiver is much more of a caregiver for his clients than is the case in a nursing home, for example. It is therefore important to pay even more attention to the needs of Customer and not to do the necessary work for them, but to give them human attention in addition to the necessary help.

How is outpatient care financed?

Outpatient care is financed by the benefits of long-term care insurance and - if this is not sufficient - by the social welfare office or self-paying patients or their relatives. Nursing and housekeeping activities within the framework of the nursing level are based on SGB XI and SGB XII (care help) and are performed in so-called service complexes, which are largely uniform.

Nevertheless, there are smaller differences in the individual federal states. For example, care services in Berlin can demand a travel allowance from their customers, whereas this is not possible in the state of Saxony. Each module is assigned a score. The amount of the remuneration per point is individually negotiated by the nursing care funds and social assistance institutions with the nursing service or an association.

Treatment care services, which must be prescribed by the doctor, are based on the SGB V and, depending on the health insurance company, are included in a flat rate for each Performance (Flat rate for use + flat rate for performance) or as a flat rate for a service from a specific module. If support is required after a stay in hospital, basic care and household help can be provided on a doctor's prescription.

Prerequisites, education and training

Altenpfleger is a nationwide uniformly regulated Vocational Training, the academic part of which is carried out at vocational schools for geriatric care and the practical part of which is carried out in geriatric care facilities. The apprenticeship takes 3 years. Pilot projects, in which a further qualification can be acquired through an advanced module, provide for a total training period of 3,5 years. Later you can contact one Study in the areas of nursing management or nursing education to qualify.

The prerequisite for this is an intermediate school qualification or another completed ten-year school education that extends the Hauptschule qualification. Pupils with a secondary school leaving certificate can also be admitted if they have completed vocational training of at least two years or present a permit as a nursing assistant or a successfully completed training regulated by state law of at least one year in nursing assistance or geriatric care assistance. Before the start of training, the health suitability for the Job be proven by a medical certificate.

Formalities in starting a business and opportunities

As a geriatric nurse you are working freelance. This means you only need a tax number at the tax office. A business registration is not required. However, as a self-employed caregiver, you must join a national framework agreement, conclude a health care contract and agree on a compensation agreement with the national health insurance associations and the associations of the long-term care insurance associations at the state level.

Nurses for the elderly are urgently needed and the need is increasing Future grow even more. The entrepreneurial activity is expandable: You can start as a single nurse, find out about a Network evolve and finally, as a long-term Perspektive, to open their own nursing service with several employees. Specialization is also possible, because there are big differences in the medical services in terms of the range of nursing services. Some nursing staff, for example, are increasingly geared towards intensive care or oncological care at home. A special service like this sets you apart from other nurses.

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