Even if Google constantly adapts its search algorithms, search engine optimization (SEO) is still an important part of any marketing strategy. 8 beginners' tips.

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Why is search engine optimization important?

Everyone is talking about search engine optimization. No wonder: Im Internet being found is essential today. Because even the best content on the web fizzles out unread if potential readers can't find it.

The decisive one Success factor Every website has a good visibility in the search engine Google (or in international markets also in Bing and Yahoo). This high visibility is that Objective of Marketing-Discipline Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The related Measures If successful, make a website easier to find in Google. So it helps to learn how to comprehensively and correctly plan and implement search engine optimization and thus gradually implement all the necessary work.

How does successful search engine optimization work?

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Successful search engine optimization today requires a large number of coordinated activities and no longer consists - as it was in the early days of Google - just using less technical adjusting screws.

However, one of the most basic measures is on-page optimization, i.e. optimizations that you can carry out directly on your page: This includes structure and Structure your site and finding the right keywords with which you can optimize your texts.

5 basic tips for on-page optimization

Because: If your internet presence does not meet certain minimum criteria, it is not listed in Google or bad. The most important measures are of a technical nature. You can convert the following points yourself or have them checked by your webmaster.

1. Optimize the URL structure of your page

The Internet addresses of the pages should be so-called “readable URLs”, in which words that match the content of the page appear.

An example of a good SEO URL (search term “tips for healthy sitting”):

Examples of SEO Unsuitable URL:

2. Correct HTML tags for headings

Headings must not only be visually recognizable as such, but also in the technical HTML code of the page as or sub-headings with or. to be marked. If you are not a HTML expert, it is best to let the webmaster make sure of that.

The webmaster is the person who technically maintains the website. This can be you, it can be an agency commissioned with it, or it can be the Employees, which is responsible for the operation and changes to your website.

3. Validatable HTML code

The technical HTML code must be correct, ie comply with the “W3C standards”. A website can use a validator such as validator.w3.org light be checked on the internet.

Ask yourself for sure, or have the technician responsible for your website ensure that the page has as few errors as possible.

4. Set up webmaster tools

The Google Webmaster Tools are not a must for a Google placement, but in practice they are one of the most helpful tools. The tool is usually set up first by search engine optimizers.

  1. What do the webmaster tools bring you? There you will find information about search terms and the achieved position, a list of links to you and within your website as well as statistics on the speed and errors of your website. It is very easy to set up for any webmaster.
  2. What should you do first? In this first step, you do not have to take any further steps with the Webmaster Tools than simply integrating it. It usually takes a few days for Google to provide all of the data there, which you will then use in the next steps.
  3. Make sure your page has been successfully added: You have completed this step when readable URLs with suitable keywords exist for all pages on your website, all headings in the HTML code are identified with H tags and you have access to the webmaster tools.
  4. Validate your code: However, if your HTML code cannot be fully validated, this does not prevent you from taking the next steps. But you should keep an eye on one hundred percent validation for the future in order to achieve even better rankings on Google.

5. Find meaningful keywords (keywords)

Central, generic words like “car”, “pizzeria” or “buy a computer” are searched very often in Google. But they are also so hotly contested that reaching the top positions takes a lot of effort and time.

It is often more efficient and requires less effort to win 250 website visitors per four less frequently searched keywords than to get 1000 visitors with one generic, highly competitive keyword alone. Therefore, use the following procedure to determine the correct search terms:

  1. Find all relevant search terms
  2. Evaluate search frequency and competition situation
  3. Choose the most promising keywords

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