Bloggers are still often smiled at: too insignificant in the media landscape, too inefficient as Marketing-Channel. Blogging has many advantages for marketing.


Blogs as a perfect marketing tool?

I'm passionate about blogging. But what exactly are the reasons for this? Blogging gives me the opportunity to mine Opinions to articulate in a way that would be unthinkable without the blog medium. And of course I earn Money with and through.

Because blogging proves to be the perfect marketing tool and finally got me a column in the daily newspaper the Welt with a much larger readership. Something that I have not been able to achieve through other mediums and the 20+ books I have written and contributed to.

Through blogging become the brand

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I am not the only one with this opinion: bloggers work for very similar reasons: out of passion, but also to look after themselves, their opinions and the services I aufmerksam close. And they have managed to make themselves known as Brand to establish. So, is blogging something everyone should be doing, the ultimate method for success?

Personally, I would say yes. Even if more and more Companys discover blogging for yourself, I notice in the Consulting again and again how behave customers face the issue. Just recently, after a good year, I happened to meet a former listener from one of my workshops again: Well, a blog is being considered, but it's not really there yet.

Blogging - maybe someday ... says the customer

This is symptomatic, because there are many reservations about blogging: too complex in the care, too unpredictable because of the readers and overall inaccurate as regards the customer approach.

Recently, a colleague - by the way, not blogging - confronted me with the statement that blogging was in the end completely inefficient: Just to blow any news into the world without knowing who was even reading, just too little purposeful. It is much more efficient to address important addressees directly and personally - for example with mailing lists.

Criticism too simple thought

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The popular argument, blogging is too little targeted and therefore inefficient, sounds logical first - but I would like to contradict. Because this is too short-term and too simple.

In the example with direct mailing and eMailDistributor to stay: one eMail directed to the right person at the right time can lead to the desired result. Much more likely, however, is that such - often as masseMails sent messages - land unread in trash.

targeting people is for sure a good marketingMethod, provided that the address is individual and ideally personal.

Why blogging is more efficient

In all other cases, I find blogging more efficient. The reason: being able to be found via Google guarantees that too People Find offers that you wouldn't have reached with your mailing - exactly at the moment when you need them and are actively searching for them on Google.

Because timing is crucial Success: Even if eg a eMail in the folder "interesting for later", no one remembers it afterwards. If the topic becomes current, Google is much more likely to be launched. I know that from my own expirience. 1 to 0 for blogging.

Does blogging cost more time than other marketing measures?

Also, that blogging costs more time, I can not confirm so. Of course it costs time. However, it is far more time-consuming, umpteen addressed to the personal contact eMails, then receive no response, follow up, etc. By blogging the interested customers put their request directly to me.

The agreement on the order is then often just a formality. Or you can get in touch with interested cooperation partners through the blog Conversation and new ones arise from this ideas and orders. In this way, I can simply dispense with the nerve-wracking and time-consuming cold calling, which often faded away meaninglessly in orbit.

Blogging - better in your own blog

At this point, those responsible for marketing are also happy to note that you are just as good at Facebook, Google+ or, until recently, Xing topics such as a blog. what a milkmaidon account that can be, has just shown Xing, which is closing its Xing topics feature again these days.

Best of HR -® reader Lars Hahn also described in detail which ones in his two comments Problems can arise if the operator suddenly decides to simply close such a function - overnight the carefully maintained marketing channel is simply no longer there:

I met my commentary on a recruiter, who had almost their corporate blog on XING topics. Not any longer longer. Now she has NEN own.

Why do you blog?

Then you better have your own blog, where you can switch and act according to your own taste. And why are you blogging? Or why do not you blog or not anymore?

Are you planning to introduce blogging as a marketing measure in your company in the near future? Or do you still shy away from them Investment? And what are your arguments for or against it?

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