In times of crisis, the competition is tougher and the selection criteria of the customers are stricter. It often comes down to the little things and interpersonal relationships. In addition to good value for money, politeness is also an important advantage. And: Misconduct gets around!


So much courtesy must be

Many a faux pas, which used to be considered a trivial offense, is now a reason for a meeting in front of the Kadi. Many things would be taken for granted, part of the good manners, if you had them.

Conversely, exaggerated politeness, for example kissing the hand as a greeting as in the photo, im Business-Everyday life inappropriate. But how much politeness does it actually have to be?

So quickly can the reputation be spoiled

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The fact is: Good and correct behavior is important in everyday business life. Because: Misconduct and bad behavior by previous customers, bosses or employees fast around.

Rating platforms in Internet contribute to the fact that one can spoil one's good reputation faster than one would like due to a lack of manners.

10 Tips for the right business etiquette

  1. To deal with the property of others, such as clients and colleagues, as if it were one's own.
  2. Behavior rules change: read a book about the latest behavior rules every now and then, for example, you can now say “health” while sneezing, that was long frowned upon!
  3. If you are unsure what constitutes good behavior, ask an expert.
  4. If you work with others: Do not just take things that I do not have at my desk away from someone else or get in the way - at the buffet, copier or elsewhere.
  5. Basically applies to office supplies, tools, etc. Everything back to where it came from, so that others do not have to search
  6. Courtesy, consideration, respect and modesty are still virtues that are still in demand today!
  7. If you are not on time yourself, something is not finished on time or other mishaps happen: the earlier you talk about it or provide information, the better.
  8. “Please, thank you, please” are the lubricants of etiquette, whereas “Hello” is not the correct greeting for a client.
  9.   Nobody likes to gossip, scold or complain and it is completely out of place with the boss or customers.
  10. In some circles, a personal “DU” has also established itself in business contacts - be careful, this can get in the eye.

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