Clothes make the man, they say. And about clothes becomes the professional Status expressed. Not as strict as it used to be, but opinions are still divided about the right shoes for every occasion. For example, what do you wear to an event with the ex-US President?

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The right business shoes for every occasion: not a trivial topic

When I recently Founder-Festival Bits & Pretzels with Barack Obama as the opening speaker, I needed the perfect pair of shoes: Bits & Pretzels partly takes place in the Oktoberfest tent, some guests and organizers come in dirndls or lederhosen. I was also on my feet all day, so shoes or even high heels were out of the question.

What I needed more was a sturdy pair of shoes, comfortable, healthy – and still beautiful. Of course there are many shoes that are also healthy and comfortable for feet - but unfortunately health shoes or orthopedic shoes often look the same. The topic Business-Shoes is anything but trivial, in fact quite complex.

Clothes make people

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But first things first: In many professions, eg secretaries, the dress code is still the same mandatory. In summer things are a little more casual – jeans and t-shirts are allowed. Experts even recommend dressing according to the status you aspire to. Because: There is no second chance for the first impression.

So it's no wonder that you keep reading reports like this Online-Survey by staffing firm Secretary Plus: They asked, "Summer in Office : What is the dress code in your Company out of?" For a month about it in the Internet be matched. More than half of those surveyed said they wore casual clothes during the summer months Workplace to be allowed to appear. Hooray!

How casual may it be?

But what does that mean exactly? At least not that the ladies in miniskirts for Meeting walk or with flip flops at the desk. Or the gentlemen wear tunics and airy skirts, but still: suits, ties and the like are also on summer break in many offices, as the voting results reveal.

Only 7 percent have to work with ties, stockings and closed shoes in the summer, while every third (34 percent) casual business outfit - ie suit, dress and jacket - is expected. Well over half of the secretaries (59 percent), on the other hand, are allowed to work in their casual dress. Jeans or T-shirt are allowed.

The irony of the heel shoes

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A neat, chic and formal dress is still mandatory in the office in many professions - at any time of the year. And that also includes the right shoes, which should not only be closed, but closed Women somehow chic and feminine.

Ironically, heels are actually men's shoes: Originally, heels in Persia were used to give soldiers a hold on their stirrups during war. And so they're far from healthy either: the downward pointing tip of the foot doesn't allow for adequate shock absorption, resulting in more stress on the hips and knees. Yes, many normal shoes even lead to foot malformations in this way.

Stability and stability in the job asked

Stability and steadfastness necessary for professional Success that are so important look different. convenience and Health anyway. After all, shoes that you wear all day shouldn't pinch your toes or cause blisters. Incidentally, this is especially true when you are exposed in the center of a lecture

My personal motto: shoes should be comfortable. Because such a Lecture it can easily take an hour. At the same time, the shoes must not be too clumsy to be able to wear them under skirts or pantsuits, for example. And that's where it starts Problem, because many shoes have a catch: They are pointed at the front and do not correspond to the natural shape of the foot.

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Better mood and more success through comfortable shoes

That's why I'm glad that I have the shoe brands Think! discovered. Because Think! not only pursues a sustainable approach in the manufacture of its products, but also delivers its shoes in a wide, foot-friendly and yet chic fit. Martin Koller, son of a traditional Austrian shoemaker family, founded Think! At the end of the 80s with the Objective to produce individual, comfortable, sustainable and well-crafted shoes. He developed new last shapes and soft soles and combined them with chic shapes and colors.

Someone understood that comfortable, beautiful shoes ultimately put those who wear them in a better mood. And in business, that also means: Better keynotes, better sales, better deals - and for the manufacturer also more sales.

7 ideal shoe types for the office

Because times Honestly: Jeans are just as uncomfortable in 35 heat as high heels at the trade fair. But there are many other variants of chic – the Art is just choosing the right one. So which shoes should women wear in business to get through a stressful day in a healthy and comfortable way, but if possible without on their personal Style to renounce?

  1. Classic black pumps: These are timeless office shoes for women. With the right padding, they can actually be very comfortable for a day on the feet.
  2. Flats: Flat slippers and shoes look great especially to send pants and are the more comfortable option of pumps.
  3. Ballerinas: Ballerinas have a similar effect but can quickly become girlish.
  4. Pumps in a noodle look: With these classic office shoes, your legs look longer, while at the same time you can combine almost any office outfit.
  5. Men's shoes: Boots or even loafers that look like men's shoes, are at first glance quite rough, but that's exactly what makes their finesse. They are comfortable on the feet and good for the knees, hips and spine. And they announce a casual attitude of the wearer.
  6. Elegant sneakers: Put on sneakers and set off to a very pleasant working environment. Of course, you can not always wear these office shoes, but they are perfect for quickly swapping them for a few stilettos when you're out and about.
  7. Summer espadrilles: high lacing and soft straps provide a look that can be adjusted depending on the occasion. Espadrilles are perfect work shoes for hot days - and unlike sandals, you don't have to do a pedicure.

True competence does not need a dress code

The question remains: How important is dress code today, even or especially with the shoes? Of course one should not appear naked or in a bikini at work - but what speaks against flip-flops in the workplace, well-groomed feet provided?

Especially when there are no customer meetings where I could still understand the etiquette...Could be, mind you, because true competence shouldn't need to demonstrate power over clothes. I remember at UN conferences where delegates would show up in flip flops and baggy tunics. And a press conference at Google (undisputedly one of the most successful companies in recent years), where the spokesman gave his presentation with the beer bottle in the Hand held.

Take care!

The truth is that what many bosses consider liberal today is in fact pseudo-liberal at best. Really successful companies show that things can also be done really casually – the others bowl themselves out! Because I believe that companies that rely on traditional dress codes will have a hard time Boy, to retain innovative specialists – especially in the IT-Industry.

Because when I look at, for example, with which verve in Berlin, an alternative clothing style is maintained especially at work, I can only say: please relax - and thus competitive. And finally, Barack Obama almost died in leather pants on stage.

Business Shoes: Healthy or Chic?

For a long time I was looking for a pair of suitable shoes in which you can also give lectures and attend events and fairs. After all, such business events sometimes mean standing for hours or walking around, and it's more than helpful to wear comfortable shoes.

I remember well one event last winter that had given the hostesses plastic shoes for 5 Euro - they were so uncomfortable that I congratulated a young woman for taking off her shoes.

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Fashion and dress code more important

The topic of clothing is also becoming somewhat old-fashioned HRindustry increasingly important: Just last week, Robrindro Ullah, ex-Recruiting-Head at Deutsche Bahn and today, among other things, publisher of the HRLife-Magazine, too Fashion and style questions interviewed at business events. Seine Opinions to this topic:

Very elegant ones already exist today Alternatives to the classic high heels, which can easily be worn with chic evening wear. The manufacturers are already reacting to the trend here.

And on the subject of convenience, he says quite simply: “Forget the saying 'If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer'. " He is right! And the clothing and shoe industry really has a lot more here steps to go towards a better production.

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