Is there a blanket recipe to im as a woman Business to be succesfull? Quite clear: No. Various building blocks can help us though, old ones Pattern to leave. However, we need these new ones ways also go. Only Courage!

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Female competence is becoming increasingly important in business

New opportunities keep popping up in our lives, be it because we are actively striving for something or because of the circumstances force us to. If we see these new situations as opportunities and get involved, do our best, great things can happen. Especially because in our day and age we female skills needed more than ever.

Yes, men find it easier to shape their lives and yes, they sometimes do more for their own successes. For this, women not only have the ability to work together, but are also more willing to do so. If women want to be successful more easily, 5 steps:

Step 1: clarity

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When we are on our way to vacation, it is important to program the navigation system, get on the right train or find the right gate. In life, too, it's incredibly important to look first where we want to go. What drives us? What values ​​do we really want to live? What could be our goal - or at least a stopover?

Is your inner compass still working?

In the daily whirlpool of duties, liabilities and free time, we forget fastwhat we actually stand for. We take the easiest path and at some point we realize that our inner compass no longer works. To get more clarity, we should reflect on where we are going from time to time. Ask like “What am I being praised for?”, “When will my Eyes?", "What makes me really Fun?” will help here. If you then deal with the ultimate question "What would I do if I couldn't fail?", you'll quickly (again) be on the right track.

Readjusting the compass is always possible!

Especially in difficult situations it is important to listen to the answers that arise directly within us. There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”. If we regularly take time to answer the questions, we quickly notice when it is time to change direction. And if a good fairy would grant us a wish HERE and TODAY, what would we want? What would our vision look like?

Step 2: strategy

Now we know where we want to go and have a clear goal in mind. Our competencies have been put through their paces and possibly expanded. The plan is! However, this only exists in ours Head, we often find it difficult to Implementation. Allies and supporters are needed! Which People decide for example in a professional context about our advancement?

Checklist: permanent, penetrative and positive!

If these people are informed and convinced by us, we have mastered an important step. Even with doubters, it is advisable to be permanent, pushy and positive. Let's do it again and again I aufmerksam, we will eventually convince even the strongest pessimist. The following helps with this checklist:

Step 3: Convince in difficult conversations

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Different opinions and strong emotions – these are the reasons why a large part of difficult conversations fail. The fact is: you will be more successful if you don't avoid delicate and difficult conversations.

So the first conversation is better!

Incidentally, this not only applies to business, but can also be transferred to other areas of life Family and partnership.

It is advisable to know the other person's scope for action and to create a trusting basis. We should also be careful to ask rather than interpret. If we always take the emotions of all involved into account in addition to the facts, conversations generally succeed better.

Checklist: Supporters are essential!

We talk to them, discuss the logical next steps and thus actively work on our success. Getting into action is the order of the day here. It is important to be focused, to be realistic Set to sit down and in no case to undertake too much. The following sample checklist will help:

4th step: Goodbye trap!

Adapt! Don't take the last piece of cake! Always let others finish talking! Everyone has heard these and similar sayings before. This socialization usually begins early and is deepened further in the course of life. We women want to be liked.

Want sympathisch on others act and don't tease too much. However, if we want to get ahead in business, we finally have to get out of it nicety trap. But how can we shed the image of the dear yes-woman? by good Communication with Expertise shine?

High or low status - we renegotiate every time!

When two people meet, theirs becomes Status again and again "negotiated". That has improvFounders Keith Johnstone found out. If we are the sympathetic team player who likes to give in, we will tend towards low status. However, if we convince with assertiveness as a charismatic person, our chances of achieving high status are very good.

Is Alpha Tier Behavior the Answer to Our Problems?

In my experience, clearly no! If you only extend your elbows as a woman, it won't make us more visible in the long run. My insider tip here is: clarify your position! With inner work and an unmistakable standing we can make it anywhere.

Step 5: Make Network out of Nettwork!

Men clearly differentiate between their business and their private lives Network. Women are very different here. According to current studies, over 80 percent use social media. However, the professional background is often left out: only 30 percent say that they also tap into their network for business-relevant things.

Checklist: Search actively for supporters

Without a background of supporters, we cannot get ahead in the business environment. So it's time to actively bring supporters into our lives! The following checklist helps:

Stop the distraction!

Our brain is often like a browser with too many tabs open. It is a huge problem! However, this is no wonder, as new information pours down on us every second.

Be it online or offline. More and more people are demanding more and more from us in less and less time. It is important to keep a cool head and to select wisely. What really brings us further? And with what are we just wasting our valuable lifetime?

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