In the 1960er years, other personality theorists began to develop the so-called Big Five: the five-factor model of personality. These are personality traits, which remain relatively stable in time.


Intraversion and extraversion as stable personality traits

The extroversion and its opposite, the introversion, belong to these personality traits. (The others are openness to experience, conscientiousness, neuroticism and social compatibility).

Each of us is on a different place on this continuum of personality traits. The extroversion has six aspects in this model: warm, sociable, persuasive, active, receptive to excitement and excitement, and positively voted.

Again, nothing nice comes out when you extrapolate the opposite of extroversion: cold, silent, indulgent, domestic, boring and grumpy.

The discussion about the introversion

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In recent years, debate has been about what introversion is, but it has come a long way since Freud's grudging assessment. Using all the new high-performance brain scan technologies available today, scientists are actually starting to detect differences in the brains of introverts and extroverts.

And slowly the notion that introversion isn't all that bad - that it might actually have some really good qualities. Psychoanalyst and author Marti Laney was one of the first of the so-called “pro-introversion” movements and added a few more qualities of introverts to the discussion: astute thinkers, creative, self-reflective, flexible, responsible.

Introversion and high sensitivity

This is great and provides approaches to define introversion in a completely different direction. The one coined by the psychologist Elaine Aron does, for example Term of the “Highly Sensitive Persons” (HSP for short), which was also included in the introversion definition mix because many introverts who have read her books have recognized themselves in them.

highly sensitive People will fast overwhelmed by too much excitement and agitation, they are sensitive to other people's moods and overly aware of everything around them.

This is a matter of sensory processing. I've been known to go to a large, lively party and nearly fall into catatonia. Whether this high sensitivity to external stimuli is also an aspect of introversion or something else, overall this additional aspect contributes to the Definition In any case, the introversion contributes to further confusion.

The state of science

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And there is this Problemthat shyness has long been synonymous with introversion. The many years that scientists and others have used "introversion" and "shyness" as interchangeable terms makes things decidedly more convoluted, especially in the laboratory.

In the past, a lot of research has been done on the assumption that shyness equates to introversion, so the research is interesting and sometimes relevant, but sometimes irrelevant.

Despite the confusion, one thing is growing clear: Introversion is more than just the absence of extroversion. We introverts take our own space in the Welt even if its design has not yet been fully defined. We are a bit young and a bit Eysenck.

Field research and laboratory theory

The scientists are supposed to do the work in the laboratory, but we do field research. We are part of the movement to define, portray and understand introversion, and we come to that Objective closer every day to find out all about it.

Many introverts refer to Aron's HSP, although the judgment on whether there is a link to introversion is still pending.

The good news, however, is that more than ever (thanks to the World Wide Web, thanks to the World Wide Web) introverts are banding together, talking to each other, exchanging messages, and embracing their nature for what it is.

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