ohne Seller it does not work! In the age of digitization, sales employees have a central task. Despite algorithms and artificial Intelligence they are and will remain the link between the provider and the customers.

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The demands on sales staff in digital times are new and old at the same time. Expert knowledge paired with passion and joy in selling are more than ever the basic requirement for sales success. Especially in a highly automated environment, a positive sales personality is special Significance .

In digital times, the seller must be just as fit in self-management as in relationship management. Professional interviewing and creativity in customer acquisition characterize him as well as a strategic approach.

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All clear comes the one that has been worked out in detail and is precisely tailored to the offer Sales strategy a central importance. Many Companys still have some catching up to do here. This Strategy However, this is not just a matter for sales, but rather it must be realigned together with company management and the marketing department.

Old business models have to be critically scrutinized and analyzed: Which digitization opportunities are available? Which products, services and services can be offered or marketed online? Which target customers should be addressed and achieved?

Link on and offline activities

"Persona Profiles" created by marketing experts provide information about the wishes, thoughts, motivation and decision-making processes of potential customers. These compact customer descriptions answer target group-specific questions Ask and at the same time serve as an optimal basis for Online-Marketing and sales negotiation. The "virtual journey of the customer" based on this, the customer journey, shows at which important "touchpoints" the Customer with the company in Contact kicks.

Here, online and offline activities of marketing and sales must complement each other. Thanks to digitization, two often competing areas are moving closer together again. Frictional and scattering losses are avoided if new and traditional sales channels are interlinked and managed. Sales people with new strategic Competencies are asked.

Human Touch

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Emotional Selling Proposition is becoming increasingly important in sales strategy. Especially if this emotional purchase trigger can be found in the seller personality. The personal contact of the customer to a sales employee can become a binding and ultimately decisive element. Precisely because all information is available online and the transaction can be made virtually.

However, the seller must have a charismatic Personality feature. Personal contact must enrich the customer relationship. While Unique Sales Proposition (USP), i.e. the unique selling proposition of an offer forms the basis of almost every sales strategy, is not automatically the real reason for the purchase decision. Rather, in most cases it is triggered by (unconscious) feelings. These emotional reasons can hardly be controlled with facts and can sometimes even be irrational. ESP, the Emotional Selling Proposition, counts above all today.

Personality as a selling instrument

In digital competition, it is the seller's positive personal characteristics that can create a decisive sales advantage because they emotions trigger. In particular, salesperson qualities such as enthusiasm, empathy and intuition are in demand. The sales employee cleverly uses this to enter into a person-to-person dialogue after an initial social media or e-mail contact and to signal genuine interest in the other person.

Because the customer is already good by colleague Internet informed, it is now a question of also being well prepared. It is important to accurately fathom the conscious and less conscious motives of the customer with targeted filter questions in order to combine them with the benefit of your own Performance to bring into agreement.

Sovereign conversation

Sales talks get to the point faster than in the analogue past, but only if the salesperson is able to get through it Conversation leads and personally convinces. Technical expertise alone is not enough. In order to trigger emotions for the purchase decision, a dialogue with heart and mind is required. Does the seller radiate authenticity and security and appear appreciative to his customers eye level opposite, the factual level can be linked to the emotional level.

If this does not succeed, because the seller merely adds further facts to the game, the "compareritis" threatens: equipped with the additional information, the potential customer now goes back to searching the World Wide Web. There he will most likely make his purchase and the activities of the seller have been nothing - except expenses. That would be a shame!

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