While numerous EU countries are recording a resurgence in the birth rate, Germany remains permanently childless in a global comparison with one of the highest proportions Women one of the "baby blues" tail lights. What are the reasons?

Women, Mothers, Children & Careers in Germany: Flexibility has limits

Educational level is often crucial for family planning

In addition to the general tendency towards social isolation, the level of education, professional breaks in the Curriculum vitae as well as personal demands on the role of parents as decisive influencing factors for or against family planning.

For example, low-qualified people often have several children and live in a stable relationship, while highly qualified persons are much more likely to live childless in single households. The lower the professional qualification, the more likely a firm partnership with several children.

Job more meaningful than children?

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From this one can conclude, on the one hand, that the personal search for meaning only then affects the Family focused when there are alternative development opportunities – such as in the case of a continuously growing company Jobs - miss.

On the other hand, it will also clear, that government funding just from the social Ascent provide significant support to disabled groups and the decision can greatly benefit a child.

There are financial incentives

Thus the state pays mothers in child rearing periods up to 36 months pension contributions, which in this period are no longer measured by personal wages, but rather by the nationwide merit average. The low-income earners in particular benefit from this.

If both partners work full-time, more than 46% remain childless, the study further states. Apparently there is no incentive here to (temporarily) leave the home for the benefit of a child Job to drop out temporarily.

Concern for future career as a hurdle?

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Professional activity - especially in full-time - seems either necessary to ensure survival, or couples are not willing to forego the amenities of the double full-time salary.

However, there could also be concern about the professional Future pose a hurdle. Be that as it may, for many full-time workers, the prospect of having a child doesn't seem as appealing as continuing to work full-time.

The earnings shears gap apart

The Institute for Economic Research Halle (IWH) reports that real wages per employee have decreased or stagnated in the past ten years.

According to the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, wages - also for part-time workers and marginally employed people - have meanwhile increased, but this report also confirms a further widening of the “gap in earnings”.

Fear of the growing costs?

Another main cause of the (no) child dilemma emerges here: children cost more and more Age More Money.

What to do if a (temporary) employment relationship is not matched by appropriate remuneration on account or it is questionable whether there will be a salary increase in the foreseeable future? And if so, at what price?

Get out of the hamster wheel

The top management, according to the Focus, achieved the biggest jump in compensation with an increase of 30 percent. At the same time, company goals set here - along with corresponding bonuses - are not only achieved, but often exceeded. The clerk levels, on the other hand, tend to not fully meet targets.

Unfortunately, the Article possible reasons for this in the dark. Can one see an overload and too high a concentration of tasks on individual clerks as the reason for this clear discrepancy?

The Spiegel states at least an increasing attitude of career refusal on the part of employees. In an article with the beautiful title “Recruiters: Career? Without me!" he makes it clear that employees with high potential in particular are no longer willing to run in place in the company's internal hamster wheel at any price.

Stable instead of flexible

There is a clear trend in part-time employment: according to the IWH, this has been increasing steadily for several years (and leads to a growing difference in salaries).

The years-long policy of flexibilisation of the labor market seems to have reached its limits: Too much flexibility does not promote a baby boom, but rather creates precarious working and living conditions: temporary contracts, (low-paid) temporary work and high distances, which are taken in favor of a job , undermine family planning. It lacks an essential factor: stability.

Equal instead of unequal

Women also want a piece of the career pie. They are actually doubly bad because it's still the same salary for same Performance a question of gender – as the Focus decodes in its current issue with an exact salary table for 150 professions.

In addition, women with children certainly do not have a complete professional vita. One can Problem if they are in fixed-term employment, these are not extended and after the baby break inevitably a new one Job Search pending.

Employers are in demand

Thus, reconciling work and family life is often wishful thinking, unless flexibilisation also applies to employers.

In the Monitor Family Life of the Institute for Demoscopy, 84% of those surveyed see the need for Company have to do more to reconcile family and work.

The solution: job sharing, homeoffice, company KITA

Flexible working hours, job sharing, home office or the company's day care center: Here it is Solution to search. A family-friendly policy works for me Opinions after no better with additional care allowance for private households. But must be invested in, where People are also economically involved - namely on Workplace.

According to the child care network, this is a further result of the study on the decline in childbirth, West German parents only benefit very little. Only 28% agree with the statement that KITAs contribute to everyday relief.

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