When one door closes on us, a new one opens. This also applies in work life. Can the previous one Job are no longer exercised due to illness, an accident or a lack of future prospects, this is devastating at first. However, once the message has been digested, an opportunity can be seen in it: the possibility of a fresh start through retraining.

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kursfinder.de, based on the methods report published in 2016 “Where to stay after exit from Measures the professional Further Training with graduation ”from the Federal Employment Agency, the top ten of the most popular retraining professions have been identified.

The report is based on figures from the period from July 2013 to June 2014. The first five places we look more closely.

1. Geriatric nurse

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For Barbara it was clear: Now that the kids are out of the house, she no longer just wants to be a housewife and Mother be. After a 20-year hiatus, she was unable to return to her job as a bank clerk. But where does she have a chance to find accommodation at the age of 49? "In elderly care," recommended her Adviser the employment agency.

Barbara is one of the more than 6300 people who completed their retraining to become geriatric nurses during the period covered. She got a job after three years Further Training immediately: in a nursing home. Finally prevails in the Industry Shortage of skilled workers: The integration rate is 82,6 percent.

2. Office clerk and secretary

Burnout – Helen would never have thought that she would one day be diagnosed with this. The real estate agent had everything under control. The Shops walked. She was happy to schedule a few viewing appointments in the evenings or at the weekend - treated herself to a few niceties from the additional commission. And did not even notice how she is getting more and more friends and Family shut herself off, didn't have a smile on her face anymore and at some point in the evening broke down crying in her kitchen.

A warning sign that she took seriously and consulted a doctor. Burnout. The doctor advised her to step down, a job with more regulated working hours and fixed Income to pursue. She resisted the idea for a while, before finally giving in – hers Health for sake. Helen is one of more than 4.600 people who completed their retraining as an office clerk during the study period. 39,7 percent then found a job within six months - including Helen, who, thanks to her organizational talent, her communication skills and open-minded nature Problems had to convince her new employer of her skills.

3. Specialist warehouse clerk

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As a woodcutter, Jens could no longer find a job. This profession threatens to die out. But staying home longer as an unemployed person was out of the question for him: after all, he had a family to support.

Because of his habitual physical activity and the ability to deal with means of transport, a friend advised him to have a training camp. Jens followed suit and completed this training with additional 3000 people in the period under review. The integration rate is 51,8 percent. Jens was lucky: he found a job in the central warehouse of a food trade and has now even an indefinite contract.

4. Elderly care assistant

Yvonne loved her job. As a hairdresser she had with her People Doing something with a new cut or some color could contribute to their well-being. But then came this redness on her hands and arms, combined with itching. The diagnosis: allergic reaction to bleaching. Gloves didn't help, the rash got worse.

In order to continue dealing with people, Yvonne decided to retrain as a geriatric nursing assistant and completed it together with 2000 other retrainees during the study period. Since then she has worked in outpatient care. She visits seniors, helps them with personal hygiene and eating, and organizes them by playing games and reading to them Everyday life.

5. Tax clerk

Numbers have always been Antonios Ding. In his activity behind the bench switch, he went on until the day he suffered a sudden fall. Since then, he has regularly been struggling with equilibrium. He could not pursue his task standing behind the counter. Because of his passion for numbers he made a retraining to the tax expert, which he, like 1100 other persons, completed in the investigation period.

The open handling of his handicap initially gave him a few job rejections. But Antonio's persistence paid off: after two and a half months of looking for a job, he was offered a job in a tax office. He is one of the 47,5 percent who successfully could be integrated after the retraining.

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