There is always an election campaign somewhere. The media spectacle then runs at full speed. But next to politicians, party programs and forecasts, the question arises: Can the election campaign in Germany score on a communicative level?

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Parties and draft horses have not yet kicked

Somehow every year is a super election year - felt at least. Thus, the seemingly never-pausing election campaign is now again in the full.

Analysts surpass themselves in supposedly even more precise interpretations and forecasts. Admittedly - the staging makes a lot of things, if the contents do not always ignite. From a communicative point of view, the parties and their dancers do not yet seem to have found the right step:

Concrete communication ...

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The question arises, given the lack of a kick of the established parties in the German election campaign, what was any successful? Communication distinguishes?

Simple and seemingly so difficult: Good communication describes intentions, feelings and desires - but please as concrete as possible. Where is that?

... instead of general locations!

Common places to use, bored, because it is predictable and meaningless. Somehow yes understandable. So nobody is excluded at least communicatively. Who is not for more security, more justice, secure pensions and so on.

But: If I don't exclude anyone because I address everyone so generally that everyone can imagine their own recipe, I lose in the long run. It can work in the short term. Trump led the way. America first - the rest of everyone can imagine how they like it. He won - whether he really becomes a successful president ...?

Where is the real passion?

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What we really miss is true passion. Sure, it's well ground and trained emotions addressed: “We are for more social justice!”, “We want again for sure be!"…

But where's the real passion! "I want the office!" - you can hear that. Too bad. How much more important would be: "I want to do something good for you." This should not be explained in words, but should be experienced as a whole in the expression.

Fight the dragon as an enemy ...

The Dragonslayer tactic communicatively builds up an enemy image. The AfD masters this best. The others show imitation potential by turning the AfD into a dragon.

This enemy image can be fought. An old tactic that can certainly produce electoral success. However, we have Problemthat the dragon has to be kept alive, otherwise you can't fight it anymore. It can work, but it doesn't have to.

... or rather as a princess positively from the beginning positively?

Princess tactics are likely to be more successful in the long term. The princess symbolizes visions, dreams or a simply emotionally happy state. Real, Honestly and desirable for everyone. Also in the heart. Obama did that nine years ago. And it probably helped Macron in France to his landslide victory a little.

Admittedly: In the short term, the dragon slayer approach is often more successful, but in the long term the princess way has more kinetic energy, because voters want and to earn in the end exactly that: true joy, positive Words and concretely formulated ideasthat are actually communicated in such a way that they are worth striving for.

Conclusion: Democracy in style

It remains open, exciting, everything is fair and right things. Like that.

Germany's democracy has Style, mobilized many People and politics also dominates everyday conversation. That's how it should be, because politics is "general". Europe and The Welt need this!

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