Quit, more important Customer jumped off, Stress with colleagues: Standing with your back against the wall, seeing red is not a good feeling. But one that often unleashes unexpected powers.

Negotiating in hopeless situations: rushing forward wins!

Seeing red: There is always an alternative!

Peter Maier struggled for months, planned, calculated, negotiated - and in the end he didn't get the important order. Maier believes that World goes under: After all, the job was extremely important for his Company. Be Executive will be extremely angry, there is a risk of dismissal. And now?

The unpleasant thing about this situation: Maier sees his back to the wall because he doesn't think there are any more Alternatives to dispose. There are certainly alternatives for Maier - he just hasn't considered them so far. Because an important part of a successful negotiation is to include various options in advance. After all, only realistic alternatives for action are possible People the security of sovereign negotiations.

What power really means

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And power also means being able to say at any time: "I'm getting out!" On the other hand, if you don't have power, you really can't either useful negotiate. For example, to still travel around the rudder. Or find alternatives.

But what are the alternatives? He's already lost the job. From now on he can only win. For example, by giving full Risks drives and does not turn to his previous negotiation partner, but to his direct superior. Because often the interlocutors are not authorized to make decisions at all, but only carry out instructions from above. It's better to talk to the decision-maker right away.

A clear objective helps with communication

Of course, moving up the hierarchy level doesn't just work like that: Maier has to ask someone who knows the manager well to mediate. He must obtain information about his negotiating partner. And he has to make concessions so that his opponent can save face.

What helps him are one klare Objective - and the Deselectthat he actually has nothing more to do verlieren has. Because it allows him to be confident and up eye level enter into talks and negotiations. After all, nobody likes to negotiate with petitioners. In the end, Maier's risk pays off: he still wins the contract he has already lost for his company. And the boss is very happy.

10 tips on how to negotiate with your back to the wall

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If something is actually already lost, it offers completely new opportunities: you have nothing left to lose and you can approach the matter in a relaxed manner.

  1. Never Give Up: Never give up while the ball is still in play. If there's even the slightest chance, no matter how small, seize it.
  2. Go up the hierarchy: Who can help you? Who do you know? If you do not know anyone: Who do you know who knows someone?
  3. Know the negotiating partner: Analyze the personality of the TOP decision-maker. How does that one tick? What values ​​does he carry? What do you know about his motives?
  4. Score with emotions: It's not just about factual arguments: Be sure to address the factual level and the relationship level.
  5. Simulate your communication: If possible, practice the negotiation with someone who knows your negotiating partner and how they might react. Or someone similar to this or who is good at empathizing.
  6. Just don't beg! Be confident and at eye level in discussions and negotiations. Nobody likes to negotiate with petitioners.
  7. To get help! If you are unsure or blind, get outside help.
  8. Set goals! Go into negotiations with clear goals. Write letters with a clear purpose. The recipient must know what to do now, how to proceed.
  9. Have concessions ready: what concessions can you offer to the other side? It's about everyone being able to save face.
  10. Confirm agreement: Summarize the results of negotiations again in writing and send confirmation of the agreement as soon as possible.

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