How do you want to know what you really want, if you are constantly bombarded with information? The answer is: Get into nature and find yourself.

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What am I doing wrong?

Do you know that? From the stereotypical working day you just put behind you, you feel Brain as if wrapped in cotton. Foggy from doing. Deaf from thinking. The Welt wafts remotely in front of your tunnel-like gaze. Flat, just flat feel yourself. And at the same time, your body is tugging at your sleeve like a whining child: “Hey, how about me?!” As a Boy Cat claws your gaze into nothing. pulls strings. And there is still so much to do. so much too decide...

Operate at the push of a button. Yes, that sounds good and feels fantastic. This is how the others are shown. So do it all. Only I am tired. What am I doing wrong? And is this going on for the next decades? Without me. I'll get out of it anyway.

The magic medium exists

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There's a pill. It always works. It costs nothing. Just some time that we get back umpteen times. Only invest we have to be in this pill beforehand. By the way, they are available without a prescription! And this is how it works: it lowers blood pressure, heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol, which gives us wings but eventually reliably destroys the cells. It makes you happy and gives you a good, full feeling because it causes a whole cocktail of hormones to bubble. This gives us completely new thoughts and good ones ideas. Under their influence, decisions are more sustainable and lucrative. Better physical fitness and fewer weight problems should also be mentioned. The only side effect: mostly dependence after a short time.

Well, what kind of madness it will be again, you might think. Yes, absolutely. From today's perspective, this pill actually looks like a spinning mill. It does not correspond to the mode of the hyper-fast all-now, real-timeCommunication and tomorrow-everything-different.

A simple, ancient remedy

It is so easy. This magic is available to all of us unrestricted. When we want, as long as we want, we just have to go. Namely, into nature! And it is only.

Make the most of the greenery, if possible, by taking a short, long walk, either through or after a challenging day. Go out on weekends and refuel nature and light for the week.

See the forest again

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Do you have high standards? Yes, it can also be quite luxurious? Then you won't mind the most sophisticated environment you can venture into on this earth: nature. Think about it: Nowhere else do you have so much space, are you completely unobserved, free from Regulate and constraints. Assuming you are there alone.

Only in nature there is this fabulous stillness and tranquility. A silence that empties and fills us at the same time. Nature is the most contrasting place to our usual hectic world of narrowness, noise, dirt and stench. Therefore, it also enables a completely different perception of ourselves and our actions in the world Everyday life. We don't get these anywhere else Distance - and completely free of charge.

This is how nature works

Nature always works in two ways:

  1. It amplifies existing impulses anyway
  2. It supplements missing and satisfies needs

Clear view or forest for the trees can not see

Let me explain by example how this works. Let us suppose, thanks to the daily routine, you will not see the forest in front of trees. But they yearn for clarity and direction. Go into a landscape that exposes the view across a level. Maybe through a forest that leads to a large clearing, a heath, meadow or field landscape.

Or you can climb a hill and literally look down on yours Problems slide. You are actively looking for new horizons.

In you was the desire for clarity and direction. The fact that it can actually exist in your life or in your function has led your brain out into a clearing, into the wide corridor or on a slope in reality.

The overcrowded everyday life

Your body with all its senses has also sent this fact to your brain and your subconscious. Suddenly your consciousness manages to filter out the essentials for you from all of the everyday data jungles and to "consider" them as a newly perceived opportunity.

Their everyday life is characterized by overcrowding. Be it the amount of information, deadlines, requirements, People etc. With your walk and look at the landscape forms mentioned, you have satisfied your longing for space, manageability, perhaps also tranquility. Body, heart and mind breathe deeply. New ideas, impulses and Lust on life and your task itself break ground.

In the shoes of the other

Moreover, it is easier for you in the protected and the incomparably stimulating natural space to move distantly into others. Simply because nowhere are they so unobserved and unaffected by the everyday world. This is very helpful when discrepancies or conflicts are already taking place in relationships with colleagues.

Here you can more easily open your visor in front of yourself, since with the physical distance you have gained and free from the chaining of your roles, you can look at your relationships from a distance. You will be easier clear, where you yourself the prosperous course in ways to stand.

You can lead yourself into the other's motivations more freely. If you do this again and again, you will find out how you can follow this special way of thinking in everyday life without always having to go into nature to think.

The more Higtech the more nature: The forest works for you!

As you do all this, you will notice how fast You relax and how calm and confident you feel. Treat yourself to the time it takes to get the right feeling of being there. You recognize it by the fact that the wish arises in you that time should stand still.

You have learned how efficient you can let nature work for you. In the third and last part you will learn why most leadership approaches can not work. This is also easy again. It costs nothing and yet it works.

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