In the digital World new skills are required. But how do you determine these skills without falling for self-portrayals?


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When we talk about competence-based work, many people think of Gunter Dueck, a former IBM manager and mathematician.Professorwho with his Lecture caused quite a stir at re:publia 2011. According to his prognosis, many professions will become theirs Significance verlierenbecause we thanks Internet can do a lot more themselves - for example buying tickets or researching information.

Even today, Dueck said a little sarcastically, many a patient who has surfed the Internet for two hours knows more than their doctor. What remains are the difficult consulting and administrative tasks for which Germany needs more specialists. But complex ones Tasks not only required specialist skills – a good part of that is provided by the Internet – but also social and emotional dexterity Intelligence, management talent, negotiation skills, personal responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit.

Creativity is seen as a disease

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In a meeting of the Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag “Internet and digital Society” on the topic “Processes of change in the digital economy and Working world” Dueck criticized that creativity considered an illness at school.

In addition, the mediation is social Expertise not part of the education system. According to Dueck, pure specialist training is becoming less important and soft skills are becoming more important. He even goes so far as to say: Only those who have the appropriate soft skills and the ability to adapt to modern, digital society will make it.

The Prekariat falls down

This brings us to the disadvantages of purely competence-based work: there are not a few people who fall behind, the so-called precariat. It is often forgotten that this type of work often leads to insecure, poorly paid jobs.

Among other things, I discussed with Ursula Engelen-Kefer in a panel of experts about competence-based work at the New Responsibility Foundation in Berlin. Also there was Dr. Stefan Pfisterer from BITKOM. He cited the United States for comparison, where there is a demand for skills that can be used in the short term, which undoubtedly offers opportunities, but also means that there is no long-term investment in an employee.

Not everyone likes the self-presentation

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Sustainable development, the bundle of skills behind one Job, will not be seen there. A fundamental shift away from professions towards purely skill-based work is therefore not desirable, according to Pfisterer.

I have often experienced another reason in my personal environment: not everyone is made for this free, independent entrepreneurial work. Here is a current example by Julia Seeliger, former TAZ editor, former FAZ author, former member of the Greens, today managing director of the Pirate Party Bonn, who wrote in a post that has now been deleted:

Self-marketing to the last?

“Hello, my name is Julia Seeliger, I am 33 years old and have no job. For more than a year I tried web design and journalism on my own and it didn't work. I can't work like this for different reasons. First of all, because I never wanted to work like this, secondly, because I can't work alone, and lastly, because I can't and don't want to market myself down to the smallest detail. ”

With that she speaks Problem that results from competency-based work: the constant need to market yourself - and the question of whether that is desirable. I remember an event in Berlin where, of all people, PR consultant Facebook called the end of humility.

11.000 euros per Facebook-Like?

Some time ago, the international University Bad Honnef/Bonn one worth discussing SALE started. A full scholarship of 11.000 euros for distance learning was awarded as part of a competition. Participants collect “votes” by asking friends, Family and acquaintances via faxebook, eMail or invite contact list and ask to vote for them. The IUBH openly declares the ability to self-market to be Objective of the competition.

Another danger of self-marketing down to the smallest detail: that the boundaries between work and privacy blur more and more. Friends online and offline are also colleagues, if you're not careful you're on the job around the clock, and the high level of personal identification with the job harbors the risk of overwork and Burnout. It is important to learn how to deal with these dangers.

The company can not deal with the new work

In addition, however, Annuity insurance plans by Ursula von der Leyenhow little the legislature and society know how to deal with these new forms of work. This leads to absurd situations in social security - for example, because health and pension insurance for the self-employed is not based on the actual Income are calculated, but according to certain, unfair minimum rates.

And that's exactly what it fits in with Structure our (educational) landscape, whose references and certificates are still more based on queries from Deselect than geared towards imparting basic skills.

The Solution: Competence Measurement with Large-Scale Assessments?

The problem is so said Dr. Agnes Dietzen from the competence development department at the Federal Institute for Vocational Training that the development of reliable procedures for competence measurement (technical term: Large-Scale Assessments or LSA) is still in its infancy. A major problem is the lack of comparability of skills in different educational systems such as university or vocational Education be acquired.

Services from other areas such as voluntary work, social services or care services in the family should also be included in the competence assessment, said Dietzen - but did at the same time clearthat there is still a lot to be done here, because the lack of valid, objective and yet practicable standards has made comparison difficult up to now.

Actively shaping change

In Germany, people are currently only very hesitantly working on the implementation of a qualification framework product of the European Parliament and Council establishing the European Qualifications Framework. Dietzen also sees one reason for the lack of permeability for different professions in professional interests. "We think too much in small categories and should think more in professional families," said Dietzen.

In essence, I believe that flexible working forms, as we already know from the digital field, will also extend to other areas. There is nothing to keep in old ideas; one has to deal with this change in the working world and actively shape it, so as not to end up negatively in the end. However, one should also see the disadvantages of this new form of work and counteract them as much as possible.

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