Whether or not self-employment is successful does not only depend on whether the product or service is good. I keep seeing that solo freelancers, freelancers and craftsmen are particularly successful when they take the following 9 points into account.

Start-up for self-employed people: 9 tips for financing your idea

1. Make sure you have a sufficient reserve

No matter what you do - almost none Companys expires Foundation at full speed. Allow 3-5 years to build up and check in advance whether you have sufficient liquidity reserves.

If you are already self-employed, building up a good reserve is at the top of the to-do list. Especially during the CoronaCrisis many have come to appreciate that.

2. Always check funding

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Find out whether you are eligible for funding. If you need loans, get advice from banks. Start-ups and founders come up with special loan programs.

Use aid programs in good time in times of crisis - even if you are unsure whether you will get into trouble at all. It often takes time for funds to be approved or allocated.

3. Keep the costs low

Modesty is in order - a small car, a plain one Office . Anything you don't spend, you don't have to to earn.

Sentences like “I still have to buy a car to get the tax to press" are popular but simply wrong - you have to pay about half yourself (depending on the tax rate).

4. Invest in good account and insurance planning

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A cheap business account is hard to find. Search thoroughly before you commit. The number of your bookings often determines the amount of the monthly Costs.

If you also need a loan or an overdraft facility, it is particularly important how bank and Customer deal with each other. Also check direct banks, some also offer business accounts. You will certainly need insurance as well. Determine what is necessary. Ask They also industry peers.

Company liability insurance is a must. But also compare the prices with the insurance companies. Those who are already self-employed should check these items again every three to five years.

5. Seek tax advice

If you cannot do it yourself, find a good tax advisor. Discuss the company form, the tax requirements and special features as well as the regulatory requirements.

Keep talking about tax issues - it's called a tax consultant.

6. Orderly bookkeeping - right from the start

Even before the official founding expenditure be dropped off; be discontinued; be deducted; be dismissed. Gather all the receipts draw up an Excel list of expenses.

Always keep an eye on your income and expenses as a self-employed person - you need to know your numbers to make good decisions.

7. Think of the tax

As soon as revenue flows, you need to keep an eye on the tax. While in the year of foundation, a particularly large number of expenses may prevent you from making a profit, you have to put part of the tax revenue into a - preferably separate - account from the moment you make a profit.

will be later Boy The self-employed are often overwhelmed by the fact that a year comes with a hefty additional payment and at the same time the advance payment is immediately increased. This has thrown many into existential difficulties. The tax offices are currently accommodating with the payment terms due to the Corona crisis, but that will be for sure don't stay like this forever.

8. Develop a marketing concept

By that I don't mean the pretty flyer or the high-quality business card. successful Marketing is a Concept from company sign, above Online-activities, blog/book/Article, Lectures, advertisements up to network meetings.

A time plan is also important here so that marketing does not get lost in the first hustle and bustle, but is carried out continuously. Especially those who have been self-employed for a few years often neglect this point. If things go well, such issues are shelved. But in marketing, continuity leads to Success.

9. Check your private expenses

The need for insurance changes due to independence. Liquidity and flexibility are becoming more important.

Make your private Finance to the test. Try to keep the costs "lean" here as well.

Conclusion: good luck with your independence!

If all points have been taken into account and you are always on the ball in your chosen job, then all I can say is: Good luck with your independence.

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