Many Boy HR professionals want to advance their careers but are wondering how to do so. Here are 8 tips for starting a career in HR from the experts.

Job profile! Human Resources Recruiting HR: 8 practical tips for starting your career

Human resources - a job with a future?

HR are the terrors of many Candidate, because they know how to negotiate, know all psychoTricks and decide about your own Future. But have you ever thought about entering this professional field?

The fact is: the job of HR is often forgotten when it comes to one's own professional career. The reason for this is usually that we know too little about it. Human resources has a lot to offer and is a job with a lot Perspektive.

Human resources is also referred to as "HR", which stands for human resources - i.e. the resource of the staff. It is primarily about new Employees recruiting, planning their deployment, looking after the staff, but also new ones customers to win and take care of them.

What do people do?

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Of course there are many different areas in human resources, such as personnel development, which is primarily about Further Training the employee leaves. But as a person, you also take care of the general one Planning of new jobs, advertises them, conducts job interviews and checks job security.

Also bills and balance sheets are part of it, because the personaler always has to know, whether a Company the staff can still afford.

What do I have to bring?

Nowadays there are many Jobs in Human Resources on-line. It is important to read through the job description carefully to get an impression of what is really required.

Often become very different qualifications provided, so one cannot say that there is a specific Vocational Training required to enter Human Resources. This in turn is also a reason why career changers have good chances in this area.

Which subject should I study?

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Of course, there are certain directions that make it easier to get started, such as a Study in the field of business administration, commercial law or social science subjects such as sociology or education.

Of course there are also specialized courses in personnel management. Almost as important as the professional qualification, however, the Soft Skills. As a HR manager, you always work with us People together and have to adjust to the different characters, develop a feeling for their fears and potential.

How to get in?

The introduction into human resources is strongly dependent on previous knowledge. Those who have not yet worked in this area should first prove their suitability by means of an internship or a work-study place.

This also applies to graduate students, because, despite the right training, the professional experience is very important in the human resources sector. It is also understandable, because you have a lot of responsibility in human resources.

How to make a career?

Once you get your foot in the door of HR, if you're lucky, it can be very fast go. Of course, it doesn't go directly into management, but you will often only start as a generalist in a junior position.

From here you continue to the upper levels, which are often very well remunerated. Human resources is definitely an area where you can go through many stages and make a career.

Are there alternative career paths?

An Alternatives Another way to slowly climb a career ladder in a company is to join an external consulting firm that specializes in recruiting staff. Above all, small companies that cannot afford their own HR department have to rely on external ones Adviser resort to find qualified personnel.

In companies like this he can Ascent clear go faster because there are many positions available here and the focus is clearly on human resources.

Are there risks?

Basically it is of the interests and of the Character depends on each individual whether he can be happy in a job or not. The fact is that people who do not like to speak in front of others and prefer Tasks do than they do themselves draw up, are probably not in good hands in human resources.

The job of the HR manager is also often included Stress connected and should not be taken lightly. Although you have a lot Contact to humans, but still most of the work is done in the Office , you have to be aware of that beforehand.

8 practical tips for getting started in the HR industry

To make it easier for you to get started in human resources, we have put together the 8 most important tips for getting started Industry compiled at a glance:

1. Gain practical experience

Many young people hope to get their first job in HR after graduation, but worry about how to find an offer in a crowded field of applicants. The following tips will help:

  1. Make your manager aware of your ability and willingness to learn in other areas. Invite them to introduce you to the manager in this area.
  2. Be ready to help with projects and attend meetings on projects outside of your area of ​​expertise.
  3. Do you want to develop investigative skills? Be available to take notes during employee interviews.
  4. Would you like to conduct orientations and onboarding? Attend employee orientation sessions and familiarize yourself with company policies.

The advantage: You can develop all of these skills outside of work, for example through volunteer projects and events in which you participate.

2. Mentors can help

Another great way to get started with a career is by joining a Find a mentor. However, this does not always happen by magic, even if employers often want us to believe it. Although many have benefited from a number of informal mentoring relationships, there is no need to wait for something to happen.

Rather, you should specifically look for someone who will look after you and with whom the mentoring relationship will lead to the desired results. However, you should avoid mentors who rely solely on their job titles or their Status within one Organization appointed. On the other hand, you can learn a lot from someone just a little older than you, or even from a colleague!

3. Improve your English skills

Almost all technical terms in HR are in English, e.g. onboarding, see above. Therefore, you may need appropriate language skills. Do not hesitate to look for appropriateCourses, because perfect English can open the door to an international career.

4. Be proactive

A proactive attitude can be helpful in any career, but it's especially important in human resources. Why? You will be faced with a variety of situations that are creative Solutions require. The more Innovation and enthusiasm you bring to your role, the easier it is for leaders to trust you and know you are doing a good job.

As you work, think outside the box of your area of ​​responsibility to identify systems and processes that Attention need and make your expertise available. Look for opportunities and act. Everyone Executive loves a positive go-getter who always has the interests of the company in mind. Hesitators, procrastinators and doubters, on the other hand, are common negative perceived.

5. Create the right corporate culture

In growing companies, small HR teams often have to start from scratch to develop and implement processes that can be effectively scaled. In most cases, it is up to the HR teams to do that Guide To take on initiatives that create a range of cultural values ​​that are intended to support the company over the long term. These then make a decisive contribution to finding the right ones Attract employees and to maintain long-term loyalty to the company.

The Working world of the future, cultural values ​​are therefore a decisive factor for the Success from companies. But don't wait for someone to hand you that responsibility—recognize what your business needs and act on it.

6. Work with the leadership team

When you approach uncharted territory, face it for surethat you work closely with your leadership team. The following tips will help you with this:

  1. Would you like to introduce a new performance cycle? Are you thinking about incentivizing employees to go paperless?
  2. Share ideas with your executives and keep them updated as they go through. There is always room for innovation, but it is important that executives embrace the news as you try new things and scale your efforts.
  3. Ask for feedback. Be afraid to experiment, but always measure your effectiveness. If your ultimate goal is to increase engagement and retention, getting direct feedback on your new initiatives is critical.
  4. In smaller businesses, have as many face-to-face meetings as possible and test the scale through employee surveys.

If you align closely with the leadership team, invest you directly into a secure position in the company.

7. Pay attention to the reputation: Earn certificates and references

Although many HR practitioners in small and medium-sized companies in these Job 'landed' by accident, it's important that your growing HR experience translates into your Curriculum vitae widerspiegelt to advance your career. When you started out as an office administrator in a five person company but have moved on to an all-encompassing recruiting, payroll, and benefits role, you want your testimonials to reflect your experience in the workplacespiegeln.

This could mean going back to college to get a diploma in an HR-related field - or it could mean getting an industry certificate. With a diploma like this, it can be much easier to prove your qualifications and advance your career.

Take every opportunity to develop your skills, including certification. When your bosses know you are serious about improving your skills and see your commitment, you will have more opportunities to advance your career.

8. HR with love: Do what you love to do

Focus on what you love instead of that Money or the economic situation. Successful people choose jobs, jobs, and companies that they truly enjoy. As a result, they enjoy a range of wonderful professional experiences.

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