Nobody would seriously ask that we be financially rewarded for all the things we upload, like or share somewhere. But it can't hurt to get a rough idea of ​​the value of our expressions online.

selling data

We have no choice

This is how the other side calculates when it decides what it wants to offer us "for free".

But more importantly, we don't have any in the first place Choice Whether we want to either pay to be left alone or accept a free offer and be sold in return.

A truly revolutionary business model

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"The Idea, the existence Company benefiting from the social interaction is not that absurd or new, ”explained Economicprofessor Yannis M. Ioannides of Tufts University, opposite the New York Times.

“A lot of cafes and small restaurants let people hang out because they like other people People put on. Unusual and new is the fact that Facebook accesses information about these people for his Shop to give more penetration. The coffee shop owner does not use any personal information about me and my friends to Money zu to earn. "

Billions of consumer data

To stay with the comparison with gastronomy: Hardly any café owner would become a multimillionaire if he only set up a few tables and chairs but never serves anything because each of his guests brings something to the picnic and does the work for him.

The value of the personal information of hundreds of millions of consumers is enormous. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, it amounted to 2011 billion euros in the EU in 315 and will rise to one trillion euros by 2020. (Liberty Global Policy Series and Boston Consulting Group 2013)

They are the inventory, not the customer!

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It is common practice for companies to sift through and access our data sell, as if we were the inventory, not the Customer. According to a study by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) looks at almost half of those it surveys Online-Services personal information as a commodity, and half of them share this information with third parties.

The researchers conclude that we have no idea what's really happening as we move online, leaving tiny digital footprints every step of the way. "Our Background about the economic value of the data, i.e. the Costs-The tradeoffs that individuals make in economic transactions involving their personal information are extremely fragmented.”

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