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Job profile! Tutor: Don't just teach via eLearning

The two main roles of teachers are educating and teaching. But that is also a question of money - that increases the demand for additional offers.

Additional private offers are trendy

But in times of tight public finances and ever larger classes, individual care is increasingly taking a back seat. Many parents are therefore looking for additional private offers to let their children have lessons. Tutoring schools and private lessons are therefore in vogue.

The number of private schools has increased by half since the beginning of the 90s. And this despite the fact that the financial conditions for private schools are difficult, especially in the start-up phase, because they have to get by without state subsidies for the first three years. But quite a few schools are founded by the parents themselves, e.g. as a cooperative - simply because they want to give their children a better education.

Education: No longer just a market for elites

Education is thus always advancing to a market in which it is no longer just the elite that are further qualified. New target groups are deregulating the elite education market, above all children, young people and the so-called bestagers who storm the universities and demand the experience of higher education for their individual life situation.

According to experts, education will be one of the profitable future markets. It can be assumed that education will open up new markets for new target groups to an even greater extent than previously estimated. There are several reasons for this: Education promises orientation in a world that many people perceive as inexplicable and hypercomplex. Education promises connection to traditions and origins and makes a decisive contribution to the formation of the identity of each individual. And education promises participation in collectivity, in a context of tradition and the enjoyment of community spirit.

Citizens' universities are trendy

The 60 plus generation makes up almost every second guest student at German universities. The first German senior university in Horn-Bad Meinberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, the European Center for University Studies of Senior Citizens Ostwestfalen-Lippe (EZUS), has existed since 2006. There, the graduates are issued general certificates after completing a two-year course.

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So-called citizens' universities are increasingly being organized by German universities. Objective It is in the process of addressing other sections of the population in addition to the students and academic staff and inspiring them for scientific topics as well as increasing public awareness of them in the respective cities.

The need for private educational offers is growing

The need for private teachers will also increase in the future, as more and more parents give their children additional education and support. At a time when the education market is increasingly losing state regulation and more and more private education initiatives are developing, teachers also have good opportunities in the non-state market.

However, the prerequisite is that you offer high-quality work and convince your customers with special service, since the competition is very high, especially in the low-price segment: tutoring is the classic part-time job for many pupils and students, against whom it is difficult to work with a professional Offer to arrive. You can compare this with unique teaching and teaching methods, special specialist knowledge or special pedagogical skills and charge appropriate prices for them.

All-round carefree packages for parents

At the Phorms schools, for example, parents book an all-round carefree package in which the school bus picks up the kids at the front door in the morning and leaves them again after class has ended. Parents are willing to pay between 280 and 950 euros per month for the bilingual primary school. The school founder Alexander Olek himself was looking for a good school for his own children. Since he was not satisfied with the existing offer, he founded the school himself without further ado - and very successfully:

The first school owned by a stock corporation, the founder acts as chairman of the supervisory board, now concentrates entirely on the education sector: seven PHORMS schools have already been opened throughout Germany for a total of 2006 students since it was founded in 1. Primary schools were initially set up at all locations, the first grammar school opened in Berlin Mitte in 065, now followed by the grammar school in Munich.

What makes private education so attractive?

Education, especially university education, is facing a first major wave of privatization, because the supply will expand significantly due to the high demand. Education and a Concept ABC School Joke Oud Like lifelong learning, they become life companions and no longer serve exclusively for further professional qualifications. The methodology will also change significantly: Instead of frontal teaching and the unassailable position of the teacher, learning will increasingly be about collaborative, joint and creative learning.

A high quality education includes encouraging and supporting the students in professional and personal matters as well as imparting socially accepted behavior patterns and value systems. In doing so, private teachers have to take any learning deficits into account as well as gifted students. And that's exactly what you can only go into with individual supervision in one-to-one lessons or in very small groups. This is exactly where the advantage of private lessons lies for many parents.

In fact, the education market of the future will be characterized by the fact that it will live primarily through its users. The focus is on the knowledge: the listener / viewer / user only completes the educational process by becoming a co-creator of the messages. Those who do not take the end of one-way learning and the expertocracy seriously on the supplier side will be the second winner in the future.

What exactly do tutors do?

Private teachers do what teachers at state schools do less and less because of time constraints: In class, they bring the students closer to the subject matter of their subject in an age-appropriate manner. The aim is to lay the foundations, especially for university studies. In addition to a wealth of learning material, the teachers also impart the necessary tools: methods of independent learning and scientific ways of thinking. This places high demands not only on their specialist knowledge, but above all on their didactic and pedagogical skills. Using different methods, from frontal teaching to group work, question and answer games and exercises to practical demonstrations, they convey the content of the lesson.

In addition to teaching, there are preparatory and follow-up phases at home for the teacher: the subject matter needs to be planned and prepared according to age, and the lesson needs to be well prepared. They plan the school hours on the basis of the curricula and the subject matter in schools, which they supplement with their additional offers. However, you can even more than your colleagues at the school take into account the learning progress made and the individual level of knowledge of the student.

What is particularly important in this job?

Tutors also help with the preparation and follow-up of class work, homework and keeping the exercise books. They regularly check the student's level of performance based on the learning successes and goals achieved in order to identify weaknesses and take appropriate corrective action.

Teachers observe the learning behavior of their students as well as their general development and social contacts so that they can respond intensively to problems such as performance or development difficulties and provide important assistance. Since a large proportion of the students are in puberty, teachers need not only their professional competence, but above all empathy and patience as well as assertiveness and consistency. You need to be able to relate to supposedly difficult students.

Contact with parents or legal guardians is also important: the teacher regularly informs about the students' progress, strengths and weaknesses. If necessary, they will also advise you on your further school career and on choosing an apprenticeship or a suitable course of study.

Requirements, training and further education and formalities for starting a business in brief

Nachilfelehrer is not a protected job title, so in principle you can start reading straight away. However, parents will usually only entrust you with their children if you can prove that they have the appropriate qualifications. And that usually implies that you have completed a corresponding teacher training course at a university or if you are opening up the tutoring school a little larger and employing teachers.

As a self-employed tutor you work as a freelancer. This means that you only need a tax number from the tax office. A business registration is not required. However, the German Pension Insurance classifies your work as a personal trainer as a teaching activity and thus assumes a priority insurance obligation for teachers, educators, caregivers, etc. in accordance with Section 2 SGB VI. The decisive factor is how the profession is carried out and not what the job title is. If you open a tutoring school and employ at least one teacher who is subject to social security contributions (no mini-jobbers!), You are exempt from compulsory pension insurance yourself.

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