Simone Janson says the Brand Best of HR -® have her very much awareness brought, but how does that succeed in this communication universe in which the overabundance of “voices” condenses into a big hum?

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Whoever blogs, wants to be heard

How can eg the Boy, lesbian Ms. With her personal blog, she achieves her reputation in the great wide social media Welt "Can anyone hear me?" – arrives, ideally not just somewhere, but also where like-minded people might be sitting?

Forculture as a stagecoach of the future?

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Quite a few remarks on Fac are similarebook the statements of existence thrown back and forth over the garden fence: “Cold today - true”, so spiegeln there are spontaneous crowds on Twitter in the form of hashtag events.

Google+ divides into interest groups and XING works with its forum tools eagerly to virtual discussion culture. Who knows if these channels will not in a few decades already embody the posture of a stagecoach for our descendants.

Who blogs, wants to be read!

Of course, everyone who blogs wants visitors. Enter the world of SEOStrategies, the tags, the focus keywords and the link partnerships. Posts his latest posts on well-known platforms.

Checks on search and ranking portals on which podium your own blog in the Google ranking with a eaves height of maximum 10 is. Peek into Google Insights with joy or worry, how often and when he gets a visit, who takes a look at his blog, if he just does it in passing - or if the visit is worth a few more minutes.

Blogging offers many opportunities

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And every step of the way finds that a universe can open up opportunities. And of misunderstanding. As in actual life also:

In the balance sheet, this means that despite all the technical refinements, by no means everything is going to be catapulted into the focus of attention. On the contrary, in the virtual world we are dealing with moral guards who mercilessly punish violations of the morality that has emerged in this communication universe. A morale that is more than the already in the eMailTraffic demanded netiquette. This is about lies and deceit and Bauernfängerei.

Much does not always help a lot

What that means? This can range from the meteoric speed with which surfers discover unsavory things on the net (e.g. a corporation’s attempt to disguise itself as a Customer Secreting praises about your own product, about this one Company swept away a shitstorm) - to Google's monitoring service, which reacts extremely annoyed on fake tags.

For example, when a technology blog tags “Müllermilch” in the meta text to crawl up the search lists. Google now punishes such activities immediately. Even if only zeal and no ill will behind it Behavior of a blogger, extreme caution is advised. The traditional motto, more is better, can be used in network ethics fast reach their limits.

What to look out for Google?

If the blogger always places the same introductory text on different platforms as the path to his web link, Google soon suspects that a robot is doing its work here. And even cooperative linking strategies should be handled with sensitivity.

Pure cross-links between two related posts in two blogs can also cause annoyance on Google as a promotional sounding notice on another blog or contribution on Best of HR –®.

Warning shots for blogs?

Are these supposed to be warning shots, rather keep your fingers off blogs and the like? No! We can't do ours either Communication set because misunderstandings are human. The social media world with its varieties has become part of our culture.

While some primitive peoples have cultivated specific whistling sounds that can be heard over great distances, today we whistle our messages electronically into the world. The Order, which we give ourselves in order to structure our togetherness, is no less valid in this communication universe than in the "old world".

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