Business-Fashion, dress code – all nonsense? Of course, when making decisions such as the selection of applicants, a promotion or a salary increase, the Performance stand in the foreground. Unfortunately, the reality often looks different. But if you want to play the game, here are a few tips for the right styling.

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Appearance and success are closely related

We live in one Welt, in which externals play an important role. Unfortunately, many would People say – and the topic often causes discussions. In fact, a person's appearance has a huge impact on their professional success. However, it is not necessarily (only) about beauty or body size, but also the right one Choice of clothing, hairstyle or makeup comes into play.

However, this superficiality also has one or the other advantage: Those who know how to dress and style properly can have a positive influence on their success - not only at work, but also in many other areas of life. So what does the perfect business look look like to become even more successful at work?

Performance is not the only thing that matters

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So it does not always have to be more power until sometime the Consequences of a continuous load to make noticable. Sometimes it helps to buy a new wardrobe. Performance alone is therefore not enough for a successful career, as well as good looks.

Instead, the job is about one Combination of personality, expertise, willingness to perform, the right contacts, one positive charisma and many other success factors. There is no question: a bit of luck is also part of it. But the "right" appearance can help to give this a little boost. How come?

The first impression is important

On the one hand, this is the am famous first impression. This is known to be permanent, but it works Brain within a fraction of a second a picture of his counterpart. A person is thus "classified" based on their external appearance before they can even say a word. It is possible to change this first impression later, but it is a lengthy and difficult matter.

On the other hand, if you make a positive impression at first glance, you can benefit from this for a long time to come - also, but not only, in job interviews. In fact, researchers at the New Yorker were able to University Syracuse find out that beauty is subconsciously associated with qualities like Intelligence, diligence and sympathy is associated. This also explains which is why studies always come to the same conclusionthat beautiful people do better at work to earn. The appearance can be up to five percent accordingly salary and is therefore considered more important for a career than personal contacts.

Clothes make people - and careers

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It is well known that beauty lies in Eye of the viewer and can be strongly influenced by the styling. Hair color, hairstyle, makeup or choice of clothes can change a person and thus also their impression on the other person extremely. So act Blondes are more attractive to many people, more fun-loving and younger, but less intelligent. So if you want to appear serious at work, you should rather resort to brunette hair color. Tall men tend to appear more successful and determined, while being overweight in both sexes is often associated with lack of discipline.

A list of clichés that are firmly anchored in the minds of Germans and are played out there completely unconsciously. She to practice thus has a great influence on career decisions such as promotion, but this happens fully automatically in the brain and therefore without “bad” intentions. Even if it sounds terribly superficial: clothes actually make the man and can therefore also determine the success or failure of a career decide.

Success can be put on

So it's no use railing against the superficiality of the world, because your own brain also judges people, at least to some extent and for a while, on the basis of their external appearance. Instead, you should get this Background use to boost your own career and take advantage of the superficial structures. Simply attract success? That's entirely possible!

However, there is no patent recipe for this. Instead, each person must figure out for themselves how to make the most of their looks while staying true to theirs Job adjusts. Any industry, any Company and even every department has its own look and who successfully wants to be, has to fit in with the “herd”. The point is conformity. At the same time, too much adjustment would mean getting lost in the crowd and becoming invisible.

Dress code has served its purpose

So it's about staying true to yourself, maintaining your own identity and authentic to appear – but at the same time often unwritten ones Regulate to be complied with and thus not attract negative attention. Sound complicated? For some people it isn't because they have a natural talent and interest in fashion, styling and the like. But for many other people it is, and for them it can useful be yourself professional Consulting by getting a stylist.

Because: As already mentioned, the optimal look for the job always depends on the individual case. A manager with a management function and customer contact in a large international corporation will dress differently than the computer scientist in the company Startups, who, apart from his colleagues, does not meet a single soul during working hours. And in many Industries there are no longer any rigid rules. You could also say: The dress code has become more and more obsolete today.

5 tips for a perfect business look

Nevertheless, there are some basic rules that every employed person should always observe - since they are in the western world Society decide on the perceived attractiveness and seriousness of a person:

Conclusion: it depends on the overall impression

Ultimately, however, it comes down to the big picture. Wearing a brunette Ms. with an updo and suit, a pink blouse to match her skin tone, doesn't make her look any less professional. On the other hand, if the lady with waist-length, peroxide blonde hair, artificial fingernails and too much makeup chooses the color pink, she shouldn't be surprised if she doesn't get enough respect at work.

So the bottom line is: authenticity yes, but your own must Style be adapted to the respective occasion and thus also to the job. In any case, anyone who takes these tips into account and orients themselves to the dress code of the workplace has laid an important foundation for a successful career.

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